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That sure got ugly in a hurry.

On Tuesday night’s intense episode of Bachelor in Paradise, two contestants got into a legitimate fight — and here’s the truly shocking part…

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… neither of these contestants was Blake.

Indeed, the polarizing sex fiend who has been at the center of most Season 6 installments to date mostly sat this one out last night.

Hence why his face was left without a scratch on it at the end of the two hours.

The same can’t be said for Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada.

How did this all begin? With Christian not wasting any time asking out Nicole Lopez-Alvar, as all viewers witnessed the instant chemisty between these two.

What about Clay Harbor, who was concerned that the only woman in which he interested in was slipping away?

Nicole believed Clay to be overly passive… yet he earned an opportunity to show his slightly more assertive side when Christian attempted to steal Nicole again after their date.

The guys strangely held hands as they argued over who she should get to spend time with her, only for Nicole to eventually choose Clay, who admitted to being “jittery” after this confrontation.

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Got it? Following along so far?

Okay then… it’s now time to talk about Jordan.

He already had beef with Christian prior to Bachelor for Paradise.

And then Christian set up a piñata for Nicole during the cocktail party and, after Christian told Clay to go away, Jordan felt an urge to stand up for his friend.

Therefore, he tried to take down the piñata, resulting in an actual fight between him and Christian.

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"Don’t touch my pinata," said Christian, who had only just been trying to convince Nicole he’s a sweet guy.

He then grabbed Jordan, and Jordan grabbed him, and then that’s all we got because ABC got a "to be continued" in order to tease the fallout that will air next week.


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Elsewhere, Dylan Barbour struggled to comprehend why Hannah Godwin was willing to give Blake Horstmann a chance in any way, shape or form.

He pressed her about her interest in this loser — and she finally divulged that Blake visited her in Alabama a week before Paradise. 

What the heck is up with this guy and all his previous connections to the females on the island?!?

He and Hannah even kissed during the pre-show meetup, as Dylan expressed pain over the fact that Hannah hid this information from him.

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Tayshia Adams, meanwhile, confronted Hannah for withholding the Blake hangout from her, considering Blake Horstmann took her on a date during week one of Season 6.

Adams felt blindsided, which was the same feeling she and Hannah both experienced during Colton Underwood’s season.

Hannah did not really appreciate the candid conversation, saying that Blake’s visit was “private” and she didn’t share the story out of respect for him.

(Ummm… talk about IRONIC, huh?!?)

Hannah thought the show was a better outlet to figure out their connection and later claimed Tayshia “mean girled” her.


Also on avery busy episode:

Dean Unglert caught Caelynn Miller-Keyes’ eye upon his arrival.

However, she grew irritated upon accusing Kristina Schulman of “slut-shaming me across this entire beach.”

Dean, who wanted to make up for his earlier sins, didn’t seem to mind her tears, asking her on a date despite the breakdown. Or maybe because of it.

He and Caelynn ended up making out in the pool.

Finally, Demi Burnett and Derek Peth seemed like the only strong, solid couple in all of Paradise…. but she was secretly conflicted because of the woman she had been dating in Los Angeles before the show.

Yes, we said woman.

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Burnett missed her and still thought about her. Like, a lot.

She later came out as sexually fluid to several people, but hesitated to tell Derek because she didn’t want the revelation to ruin their connection.

In the end, though, she opened up and was relieved by his accepting reaction.