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More big news from the world of Lisa Vanderpump’s sexy unique restaurant!

Just weeks after Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright tied the knot, another Vanderpump Rules couple has announced that they’re getting ready to exchange vows.

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Yes, after just over a year of dating, Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark are engaged.

The waitress-turned-bestselling author shared the news on Instagram Wednesday night.

“OMG. I feel like Meghan Markle,” she captioned the above pic.

Proving that he understands her macabre sensibilities completely, Beau proposed to Stassi at the famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

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No word yet on whether or not a camera crew was on hand for the big moment, but considering Beau had the good sense to propose during Vanderpump‘s shooting season, it’s a safe bet that the proposal will be televised.

Stassi has seen plenty of ups and downs over the course of her love life, but it seems she knew Beau was the one from the very start.

“I don’t feel badly about shouting it from the rooftops because y’all, I’ve been through like 15 years of s— boyfriends, so now that I have a good one and I’m fine to brag about it,’ Schroeder recently told People magazine.

“We sometimes share moisturizer," Stassi added.

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"He put one in my purse today because he has eczema and I have psoriasis, so that’s something we bonded over,” 

As the first "nice guy" Stassi has dated, Beau instantly won over Vanderpump viewers with his gentle good humor and soft-spoken demeanor.

Basically, he’s the opposite of Jax Taylor, whom Stassi dated during the show’s first two seasons.

The couple has seen some ups and downs in their time together, but now, in a refreshing change of pace, it’s Stassi who does most of the f–king up.

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On social media, Stassi’s co-stars were quick to offer their congratulations:

“I have cried twice and haven’t even seen you yet!!!!!!!” wrote Katie Maloney.

“Wooo hoooooo,” Brittany Cartwright commented. “Congratulations guys!!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!”

It’s a year full of big steps forward for the Vanderpump crew.

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In addition to Jax and Brittany’s wedding, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz got married for a second time after learning that their first wedding was not legally binding.

On a recent episode of her podcast, Stassi and Beau discussed possible wedding plans.

“I feel like we’re not gonna get along, like you said I’m not allowed to … I want to walk down the aisle [to] a haunted horror version of ‘Here Comes the Bride,’” Schroeder said.

"Yeah, no," Beau replied.

Usually, wedding planning can make for pretty dull reality TV, but this time — we might be into it.

Congrats to the happy couple!