Stassi Schroeder Introduces New Boyfriend Beau Clark: He's Not a Douche!

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If you've been watching the current season of Vanderpump Rules, you know that former SUR girl and reigning controversy queen Stassi Schroeder is having a tough go of it.

Granted, many of Stassi's problems are self-created, but it's still jarring to see the former queen bee take such a tumble from the top of the social ladder.

Two Bottoms Up

The past two weeks have been particularly rough for Stassi due to allegations of racism from Ariana Madix and some bizarre photos that refuse to go away.

(Pro tip: Even if dressing in "Nazi chic" is your idea of a good gag, maybe don't post the pics on social media.)

Like we said, she's not exactly on top this season, and her situation is made worse by the fact that she's dating a total douche.

In real life, Patrick Meagher dumped Stassi on what would have been their fourth anniversary (like we said, douche), but when Vanderpump Season 6 was filmed, they were very much still dating. 

Which means we've been subjected to levels of mansplaining and cliched bumper sticker-slogan philosophy to make Joel Osteen blush.

Stassi Schroeder and Patrick Meagher, Back Together!

(Side note: Between Stassi dating Patrick, and Scheana dating Robert Valletta, is it just us, or do these women really go in for some seriously cheesy Danny Tanner types.)

But thankfully, we now know that Stassi has moved on:

“I am in a relationship right now,” she confirmed to Andy Cohen on Monday.

She wasn't going into detail at the time, but now we know who Stassi is dating, and it seems that after a dating past that includes Patrick and the likes of Jax Taylor, it seems Stassi has broken the cycle with a non-douche.

"It is very new, but they are exclusive," an insider revealed to E! News.

"Stassi is happy that she didn't have to use a dating app and met him organically through her best friends."

Stassi Schroeder in Black

The source adds:

"Beau is very social and likable within his friend group, and that's why Katie [Maloney] and Kristen [Doute] thought he would be a good match for her."

Is seems Beau possesses the two most important traits for any human being - a sense of humor and a love of dogs:

"Stassi thinks he's hilarious, and they both share similar humor," the insider continued.

"They have been spending a lot of time together, and he stays at her apartment often. They both bond over their obsession with their dogs. Beau has slowly been introduced to the Vanderpump circle and there have been no issues yet."

Stassi was reluctant to speak about Beau when speaking to Cohen, but she did have some kind parting words for Meagher:

Stassi Schroeder Snapshot

“He’s a wonderful person and whoever he finds is a really lucky woman," she said.

"He’s just not right for me. Once you try twice, like give it two really good shots, you’re not supposed to be together.”

Is it possible that the cast of VPR is ... growing up?!

Someone get this girl 14 Pump-tinis, STAT!

We need some bad decisions, and we need 'em now!

Watch Vanderpump Rules online can make her way back to the op of the social totem pole.

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