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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has, once again, gone from pounding shots and falling over drunk…

… to producing milk and wishing she could find some time to fall asleep.

Which is an unnecessarily long way of saying the following: This Jersey Shore star is a brand new mother!

Snooki is Preggers

In exciting news broken by People Magazine, the veteran MTV personality has given birth to her third child with husband Jionni LaValle — a baby boy named Angelo James LaValle.

You can visit the aforementioned publication’s official website to see photos of the precious newborn and his proud mother.

“So thrilled to welcome baby Angelo into our little family! He is so sweet and a spitting image of Lorenzo as a baby,” Snooki told People, adding on Thursday morning:

“Jionni and I can’t wait to see how being outnumbered turns out!”

Snooki, Daughter

Little Angelo joins four-year old sister Giovanna Marie and six-year old brother Lorenzo Dominic in this immediate family.

Snooki and LaValle announced in November that they expecting a sibling for Giovanna and Lorenzo.

A month later, Polizzi revealed the gender of this impending child.

The reality star then took it a step further and surprised fans in mid-April by sharing the name of her son on Instagram. She’s been an open, pregnant book this entire time.

Snooki and Giovanna

Shortly before welcoming her bundle of joy, Snooki opened up about her pregnancy journey to date and told fans it hasn’t exactly been easy every step of the way.

Or almost any step of the way.

“So I just got back from the doctor’s office. I’m so annoyed because I’ve been feeling cramps and I swear the baby’s coming out, and then I went today and he said like another two weeks or so,” she said on the May 16 episode of her podcast.

She had previously explained that getting pregnant took awhile this time around and that she often vomited while expecting Angelo to arrive.

Snooki at 2018 VMAs

Will she now be taking a lot of time off to care for the newborn?

It doesn’t sound that way.

“That’s not a thing,” she told People when asked recently if she would take maternity leave.

“I’m probably gonna take a couple of days off but my mental state is always thinking about work and my brand, and expanding it and improving it and making it better.”

Hey, at least she’s honest.

And now she’s a mother again! CONGRATS!