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So you know how for as long as Sister Wives has been a thing, people have been urging all the wives, especially Meri, to leave Kody?

If you’re even bothering to read a story about these people, then yeah, you definitely know about that.

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People want the wives to leave Kody for a lot of reasons — mostly that he’s a big ol’ douchebag and they usually all seem pretty miserable.

And people want Meri to leave the most because … well, there are a lot of reasons for that, too.

She’s always appeared to be the least happy with the polygamy setup, and she’s been pulling away for the rest of the family for a long time now.

Remember when she got catfished?

Meri Brown Returns

That happened because she was so unhappy in her marriage that she was reaching out to someone else, forming an emotional bond because goodness knows Kody was incapable of one.

She got that bed and breakfast in Utah, she’s been selling her Lularoe stuff, and she’s been feuding with her sister wives.

It makes sense that people want her to just leave already, and it also makes sense that there have been tons and tons of rumors over the years about her stepping out, finding a new man, and leaving the rest of the Browns behind.

But honestly, we never expected her to actually do it.

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That’s why she surprised us all when she admitted on Instagram that she’s met someone.

She gave all the juicy details in a series of text posts to her stories, the first one reading "OK you guys I guess I need to clear the air on something."

"So many of you have been asking and it just hasn’t been the right time yet to make this sort of announcement. So here it is…."

"I have someone new in my life," Meri announced. "He’s so amazing, he’s good looking, he’s solid and SOOOO good to me!!"

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"He’s a positive and practical addition to my life and an absolute perfect fit. I seriously couldn’t be happier!!!"

"He’s ALWAYS there when I need him," she continued. "He’s photogenic, and Oh so easy on the eyes!!"

She continued her gushing with "He’ll go anywhere with me. In fact, we’re going on our first trip together in a couple weeks and I CAN NOT WAIT to introduce him to my BFF!!"

As if all of that wasn’t enough, she also said "I just feel comfortable with him."

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"He’s relaxed, and cool, and so easy to be with. He surrounds me with comfort whenever I’m with him!"

"His name is Hudson and I just can’t get enough of him …" she added.

So this is a pretty huge deal, right?

We’ve heard plenty of rumors about her picking up a new boyfriend, so for her to actually confirm it like this is honestly shocking.

Meri Brown on the Gram

… Except she’s not talking about a boyfriend.

Yep, she played us all — apparently "Hunter" is a style over in Lularoe Land, and she was just promoting it in a very attention-grabbing way.

We would be mad at her for pulling a lame move like this — Lularoe, honestly — but this is definitely going to get people talking about herand those silly clothes she peddles.

Well done, Meri.

Now do all this but with an actual human, thanks.