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So… did you miss him?

Late last week and then all through this past weekend, former Bachelor in Paradise villain Chad Johnson made it clear to the social media world that he still watches the show that made him infamous.

And he still has quite a few thoughts on everyone associated with it.

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The 31-year-old reality star ranted and raved on Twitter over the last couple days, remarking at first on Blake Horstmann’s complex love triangle with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulma on Bachelor in Paradise.

And it all started after former The Bachelor lead Nick Viall chimed in on the unusual romance.

"So nick vile says that Blake releasing texts was "premeditated". No s–t. It’s called thinking," wrote Johnson, adding in this initial message:

"Sociopath caelynn made up lies to create a victim storyline,"

Johnson wrote on Twitter:

"Blake had no choice but to show texts. The Botox & fillers have melted both nick and caelynn’s brains."

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For the record, a couple quick points here:

  • Johnson was a strong and strongly hated contestant on Jo Jo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette prior to acting even more smug and annoying during his run on Bachelor in Paradise. 
  • On that latter show this season, Blake confessed to hooking up with both Caelynn and Kristina before the show started filming, exposing the former’s text message to him in order to prove he didn’t cheat on her or screw her over.

Okay. Now you’re mostly caught up.

What does any of this have to do with Johnson? Nothing, and yet…

"Just want to take a moment to remind people that Daniel Maguire is the real reason I was kicked off Bachelor in Paradise," he added in his Tweet storm, explaining:

"Daniel was riding my coattails, he destroyed those coattails, and now he’s gone on to do jack s–t with his life. Suck it Daniel you dumb maple syrup slut."

Gotta admit: We have never heard that insult before.

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Johnson even brought up the time he allegedly referred to former Bachelor in Paradise co-star Herron a "one-armed bitch" after she put him on blast for his "abusive behavior."

This is what he just wrote about it:

"I recently learned that I never called Sarah a "one arm B." The audio was cut, spliced, and edited together from multiple conversations. I apologized for 3 years for something I never even did. Beyond f–ked up."

He then released a text exchange with Sarah that purported to show she was never mad at him and that he was merely portraying a character while in front of ABC cameras.

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Among other Bachelor Nation stars Johnson has chosen to trash?

Chase mcnary pretends to have opened a bar in Colorado but in reality he setup an agreement to promote the bar consistently as well as work as operating manager in exchange for a small percent of the profits. One day the bar will sell and he will have nothing because he’s a loser.

Sean Lowe has sex with gym dudes according to guys in Dallas.

Tia WhatsHerTits apparently has a boyfriend but according to sources she constantly texts Corey Brooks wanting to sexually demolish him. Sources say it sucks to be her boyfriend and also that Corey brooks can’t bench press properly.

Joelle fletcher and Jordan Bitchers received their home renovation tv show after it was pitched and explained to another source, it was meant to be created for someone else and they got the show as an aftermath last minute discussion. Also Jordan probably eats literal shit.

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Ben Higgins once became painted green for a tv commercial during the filming of his terrible tv show. It was ridiculous and nobody liked it. He looked like an absolute buffoon. This may be why Lauren left him.

Evan Bass tried to steal the fifth element but luckily Bruce Willis saved planet Earth.

Are you still a virgin? I can f–k you if that would make you get off my tv stop being such a bigass pussy. @coltonunderwood.

If dicks grew on trees dean Unglert would be a vegetarian.

Is there anyone from the show with whom Johnson is cool?

Yes, apparently, just two.

Chad Johnson on Bachelor in Paradise

"Aire [sic] and Lauren are legitimately the only people from The Bachelor that don’t deserve a good punch in the mouth. And yes that includes myself. *doesnt include Jenny Delaney because she’s hot AF*," he shared on Twitter.

In the end, only one thing is really made clear after reading through all of Chad’s Tweets:

The guy really needs to stop drinking.

Probably forever.