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For the past several years, Meri Brown has appeared to have a serious problem with her polygamist lifestyle.

It makes sense — being a Sister Wife looks like it really, really sucks.

Meri Brown on the Gram

Meri has been unhappy for as long as Sister Wives has been a thing, and it’s easy to imagine her unhappiness existed before then, too.

She’s admitted to struggling with sharing her husband, Kody, with Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, and we’ve also seen some tension from the fact that she was only ever able to have one child.

But in the past few years, things have definitely gotten worse.

In 2015, Meri found herself in what we would call an emotional affair with a man she met online.

Meri Brown Returns

The man turned out to be a woman — she got catfished — but still, she clearly developed feelings for this person that went beyond friendship.

After it happened, the family tried to stand by her and spin the whole thing in an anti-catfish way, but at the end of the day, they saw that Meri had pretty much been stepping out on Kody.

Which is fine, to be clear.

Kody has three other wives, and no one could blame her for looking for something somewhere else, but the way the Sister Wives operate is that the women are faithful to their husband while he rotates marriages on a schedule.

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As we saw on the show, the relationship between Kody and Meri really suffered for all of this, and at several points, it seemed like they weren’t going to make it.

For a while, she told him that she didn’t want him staying at her house anymore, and more recently, he thought she was over it when she made the decision to buy her bed and breakfast.

But for some reason, they’re still kicking, and now they’re kicking in a brand new state!

Yep, last fall, the Brown family moved out of Las Vegas and over to Flagstaff, Arizona.

And you’ll never believe this, but Meri seems to be unhappy with the way things are now.

This weekend, she took to Instagram to explain the way she’s feeling these days, and honestly, it doesn’t sound great.

“Yesterday I had this overwhelming emotion of missing Las Vegas, the place I called home for nearly 8 years,” her message began.

“I mean, I was really really sad for not living there anymore.”

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“So much life there, so many friends,” she continued. “It was home for me. I loved it.”

“Then this morning I wake up, sun is shining, beautiful day. I mean, my back yard is the mountains for heavens sake!” Meri said.

“How could I not love this??”

She then tried to turn her frown upside down by saying “Though I’m new here to Flagstaff and it doesn’t feel like home yet, I look forward to this summer, exploring the city, the amazing nature that surrounds me, and of course meeting new people, trustworthy friends.”

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“There’s a lot of life ahead of me here,” she finished, “and I’m anxious to see where it takes me.”

So it really sounds like she’s not happy but trying to make the best of it, right?

Story of her life.

We hope that she really does start feeling at home in her new city, because it’s definitely got to be a difficult transition.

But she could also, say, move back to Las Vegas on her own and ditch the Sister Wives crew so she can finally be truly happy.

Just an idea!