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It’s been over two months now since Jessa Duggar gave birth to her third child and her first daughter, precious little Ivy.

It really doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, right?

Jessa Duggar on her dramatic delivery!
Photo via Instagram

Time flies when your family breeds like literal rabbits!

With all the Duggar pregnancy announcements and updates and speculation that’s been happening lately, are we honestly supposed to be able to keep up?

But for the sake of discussing what we’re discussing today, just remember that Jessa had Ivy at the end of May.

And sometime in July … she disappeared.

The Jessa Gaze
Photo via TLC

Or, OK, yeah, that might be a little dramatic.

We’re pretty sure she’s just at home, probably completely overwhelmed with having three children under the age of four.

What we mean is that she disappeared from social media.

Jessa has always been pretty active on Instagram, and even after Ivy was born, she shared tons of pictures of her.

From the Proud Mother Herself
Photo via Instagram

There were photos of Ivy, photos of Ivy’s baby toes, photos of Ivy with her big brothers, photos of Spurgeon and Henry, too — lots and lots of photos.

On July 10th, she shared a photo of Ivy with a pacifier, and then …

She was never heard from again.

She hasn’t been posting to her Instagram stories, and Ben hasn’t posted on his Instagram at all in a couple of years, so we really have no clue what she’s been up to.

Jessa Duggar and Co.
Photo via Instagram

Besides, you know, babies.

Ben’s family has an Instagram of their own, so we’ve been seeing some photos of the kids there, but we haven’t had a glimpse at Jessa for several weeks now.

And her fans are getting kind of concerned about it.

This week, Ben’s family shared a photo of him reading to the boys, and they tagged Jessa as the photographer, and in the comments on that post, there were some questions.

"Is Jessa OK?" one person asked. "I have been wondering about her, miss her!"

"I don’t know," someone else replied, "but her absence has been noted. I hoped Mrs. Seewald could let us know if she’s ok."

Others left similar comments, and if you check the comments on Jessa’s last post from July, you can see that people are getting pretty anxious for new updates on her family.

"Would love to see Ivy now," one of her followers told her.

Photo via Instagram

"Haven’t seen or heard much from you lately," another fan said. "Hope you’re ok and not getting too overwhelmed."

One comment read "I am sure she will return when she can. She is a mom now and also busy making more babies to share with all the fans."

There’s quite a bit to discuss here, but real quick — Jessa better not be "busy making more babies," because she just had one not even three months ago and we’re pretty sure her uterus would fall out if she tried.

But it is interesting that she’s pretty much gone from Instagram, right?

Jessa Photo
Photo via TLC

There’s always the possibility that she’s struggling with postpartum depression and just isn’t feeling much like being on social media, and if that’s the case, then we hope she’s able to get help and support for that.

But like we said … she’s got two toddlers and a newborn right now.

It’s more likely she’s simply in survival mode.

Whatever’s going on with her, we hope she feels better soon.

And that maybe she thinks about taking some time before throwing yet another baby into this mix … but that one’s probably not going to happen.