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In all the commotion about the oncoming slew of Duggar babies, it’s easy to forget about the whole pile of little tykes they’ve already racked up.

Not to be left out of the spotlight, Jessa Duggar has been slowly introducing the world to her newest little girl, Ivy Jane Seewald.

Now, Jessa has returned to Instagram to give fans some rare details about her youngest child.

Photo via Instagram

On Friday, Jessa took to Instagram to post this totally adorable shot of Ivy Jane chilling on a tan leather couch.

At just nearly three months old, cuddling and hanging out on the couch is pretty much all little Ivy is able to do.

But she’s definitely doing it in style, as we’ve seen on Jessa’s Instagram.

Friday’s post shows Ivy sporting a cute black and white baby dress.

In the photo, Ivy is looking on with those big soulful eyes, and raising her finger as though she’s about to make an interesting point. 

Duggar book Counting On clip - Jessa and Ben

Jessa took something of a break from social media after giving birth on May 26.

Since then, she’s only shared a few photos of Ivy Jane, but Jessa has recently become a bit more active with her posts.

Fans have definitely been clamoring for more info about Ivy and how she’s fitting into the family.

With Friday’s post, Jessa finally gave the world a couple new details in her caption.

"Nearly 16 pounds, and positively the sweetest disposition I’ve ever known in a baby," Jessa gushed about her daughter.

We definitely get that impression too, from the pics that Jessa has shared.

"She’ll be 3 months old next week," Jessa added.

She wondered, "Where on Earth has the time gone?"

We can understand feeling like time is flying by.

This gal is 26 years old and has three kids, so you know she’s staying super busy.

"How has 1/4 a year already passed?" Jessa asked in her caption.

"Time, slow down," she exclaimed.

Jessa Duggar's Kids
Photo via Instagram

Those first few months are beautiful, fleeting times for a mom. 

We hope Jessa makes the most of it and takes plenty more cute pictures to help preserve the memories.

Meanwhile, this particular memory is getting quite a response from friends, family, and fans.

Jessa Duggar on her dramatic delivery!
Photo via Instagram

"My little adorableness!!" exclaimed Jill Dillard in the comments section.

Anna Duggar added some love of her own, writing "Such a sweet little chunk!" with a purple heart emoji.

The Duggar gals are always super supportive of each other on social media, and it’s fun to watch them chime in on each other’s lives.

Jessa Duggar at 38 Weeks - header trim photo

But as always, not all of the feedback was positive. 

Again, this is the Internet, so no matter what you post, someone will find a way to have a problem with it.

"Just a little worried," one user commented, "does she smile??"

"As a person in healthcare, just feel concerned," the commenter added.

This just goes to show that as a girl, you’re never too young for some total stranger to chastize you for not smiling.

We’ve really got to do better about not expecting women to smile at us for no reason.

Jessa Stares

To her credit, Jessa did not seem troubled by the criticism.

And plenty of fans responded in her defense, making the obvious point that you can’t make a 3-month-old baby smile for a camera.

Jessa’s response was impressively calm and even friendly.

Jessa And Ben

"Worry not," Jessa replied, "She’s been smiling responsivile since she was 5 weeks old.

"And she talks, babbles and coos all the time," Jessa added.

Honestly it sounds like everything is going perfectly for Jessa and Ivy Jane.

Jessa’s two boys, Henry and Spurgeon, are totally precious toddlers, and it looks like Ivy will be no different.

Now that Jessa is positng more often, we hope to see plenty more cute moments from the happy family.