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With five new babies on the way, the Duggar clan is about to get even bigger.

Just this week, expectant parents John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett revealed their baby will be a girl.

Now, all five of the pregnant Duggar gals have united for a common cause — delighting fans with a family baby bump photo!

Duggar Family Baby Bump Group
Photo via Instagram

On Wednesday, Amy Duggar teamed up with her cousins’ wives for a rare photo op, and posted the adorable results to Instagram.

The whole team was on hand, with Amy, Lauren, Anna, Kendra, and Abbie all posing to show off their baby bumps.

The bumps are all different sizes, as some of the girls are further along than the others, but Amy and Lauren look particularly ready to pop.

Despite the different sizes and stages, the girls have plenty in common, like the giant grins they’re all sporting for the occasion.

Photo via Instagram

The shot was originally posted by Amy, who is expecting her first baby in October with husband Dillon King.

Amy opted to caption the shot entirely with emoji, four pink hearts and one blue, with a laughing smiley.

The color of the hearts is apparently a sly reference to the babies’ genders.

Of the five mothers-to-be, only Amy is expecting a boy.

Photo via Instagram

While Amy is still on her first pregnancy, some of these girls are seasoned pregnancy pros at this point.

Anna, for example is about to have her sixth child! That’s no easy feat, considering she and her husband Josh are only 31 years old.

It’s a far cry from Jim Bob’s 19 kids, but Anna is definitely living that Duggar lifestyle.

She and Josh celebrated their own over-the-top gender reveal in June.

Lauren Duggar Red Dress
Photo via Instagram

Lauren and Abbie, on the other hand, join Amy in the first-timers club.

Despite their inexperience, Lauren and her husband Josiah seem more than ready to meet their first baby. 

The steady trickle of adorable pregnancy photos show that the cute couple are deeply in love, and the baby’s going to fit right in.

Abbie Burnett Smiles
Photo via Instagram

Speaking of cute couple, Abbie, 27, and her hubbie John, 29, seemed right on track in their gender reveal video on Tuesday,

In the video, Abbie was clearly elated to be having a girl.

“I’m so excited about hair bows and pink dresses and lots of sparkles,” Abbie exclaimed.

Abbie and John David Announcement
Photo via Instagram

For his part, John seemed pretty excited about fatherhood too.

“I’m really looking forward to having a little baby girl around the house,” John said in the video.

“I already have one, now I’m going to have two," he added.

He concluded, "I just hope she’s as pretty as her mommy, I know she will be!”

Kendra & Joseph Duggar Family Pic Featuring Baby Bump!
Photo via Instagram

For 20-year-old Kendra, baby #2 will be arriving hot on the heels of her first born, 14-month-old Garrett David

She and husband Joseph Duggar also recently took to Instagram to reveal how excited they both are about adding a little girl to the mix.

The gender reveal shot featured Kendra beaming as she held up a pink "#2" onesie.

Big Duggar News
Photo via Instagram

Joseph looked on proudly, holding little Garrett in a blue onesie with ‘#1’ on it.

"We are so excited to announce the gender of baby number #2," they captioned, "….It’s a GIRL!"

"We are so thrilled to welcome our sweet baby girl this November!" the couple added.

So. Many. Baby Bumps.
Photo via Instagram

That’s five moms, and five babies, some of which are due very soon!

These Duggar folks sure know how to populate the Earth, which is a good or bad thing, depending on how you feel about the family.

We’re honestly not sure having 19 (or even six) kids is a responsible decision.

But we think it’s so neat that these five kids will all have cousins so close to their own age.

With the family being so close, the kids will all have a built in friend group to play with.

We just hope Amy’s son won’t feel too out of place, surrounded by that fresh crop of little girls.