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Janelle Brown just made many Sister Wives fans feel very old.

Staying far away from the ongoing controversy and the many questions surrounding this long-running reality show, one of Kody Brown’s better halves shared a handful of new photos this week.

They weren’t of her and they weren’t of her polarizing husband.

Instead, they were of Janelle’s grandchild, Axel, playing in a splash pad and eating breakfast and looking downright adorable.

"Splash pad with Axel," Brown wrote as a caption to these images, adding:

"Working off the amazing breakfast at what is possibly my new favorite waffle joint in Greenville, NC #SmashedWaffle."

Why are these pictures a big deal?

Only because Axel is two years old and Sister Wives viewers are aghast over this fact. Where has the time gone, you know?!?

“Wow he’s not a little baby any more. He’s precious," wrote one social media user, while another echoed this sentiment as follows:

"Axel is getting so big! He is precious… He’s so adorable and had grown so much.”

And in case you were wondering what Axel ate for breakfast, as referenced above by his grandmother:

Axel is the son of Maddie Brown, Janelle’s daughter who resides in North Carolina.

So the Sister Wives cast member must have traveled to the Tar Heel State in order to spend time with these loved ones.

"In North Carolina with @madison_rose11 and boy is it hot! Axel has the right idea. When your feet are cool your body really cools down too,” Janelle wrote on August 1, adding at the time:

“#Didn’t want to miss the baby so I’m camping out here for a few weeks.

"My mom and my #sisterwives are holding down the fort for Savanah and Gabe back home."

Janelle will soon have another grandchild when Maddie gives birth to her second baby.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives

This is the rare piece of positive Sister Wives news these days, as both Meri and Robyn Brown have recently either sold their homes in Arizona or put their homes in Arizona on the market,

Many are now wondering whether these women are finally done with Kody and with the show that has made them famous.

Meri was also spotted with a new man this summer, prompting even more questions about her future as Mrs. Kody Brown, a title she only holds in a spiritual sense because she and Kody got divorced a few years ago.

What a weird arrangement all around, right?

We really hope these women soon wake up, realize they can do a lot better than sharing a man — and leave Kody far in the dust.