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Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff has been gushing over Isabel Rock and welcoming her to the family.

Isabel is repaying that kindness.

Having bonded with Amy, she’s issued a plea for positive energy after Amy’s dog, Felix, took a turn for the worse.

Amy Roloff Interview Pic

On Monday, Amy Roloff took to Instagram to share an update.

While she has greatly enjoyed her motorcycle trip with Chris Marek, she also had some bad news.

"my poor Felix fell ill and I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong," Amy revealed.

"He got sick on Thursday," Amy shared. "And he’s not getting better."

"It may be a kidney issue," she wrote, sharing her suspicions.

Amy Roloff, Home in Michigan

Amy expressed: "My poor little fella."

"It’s going to be a busy hectic week," she predicted.

"From getting home from a great trip, to figuring out how to get Felix better, wedding coming up," Amy listed.

She continued: "still finding a house, speaking engagement to purging and oh yeah working."

"And," she said optimistically. "it’s all going to work out. That’s the hopeful part. Monday happenings."

Amy concluded her caption with a tag: "love my rescue dog."

Amy Roloff Takes a Close Selfie with Isabel Rock

Isabel Rock has been bonding with Amy, and she used her own Instagram to put out a heartfelt plea.

"Hey, Instagram fam?" Isabel wrote on her Story.

She implored her followers: "Please send some loving, healing vibes to my future mother-in-law’s dog, Felix."

Izzy even shared an adorable photo of this precious pooch alongside her words.

This was a touching message for the newest (soon-to-be) member of the Roloff family.

Isabel’s message to her Stories couldn’t get direct replies, of course, but Amy’s message could.

"I’ll be praying for your sweet little fur baby!" exclaimed one fan under Amy’s post.

"Hope little Felix is feeling better soon,” another expressed.

“Amy," another comment vows. "I’ll be praying for little Felix."

We’re sure that these messages were deeply appreciated.

Photo via Instagram

However, some so-called "fans" just couldn’t resist negging Amy, even under such grim circumstances.

"Please tend to the dog first," insisted one follower.

We have no doubt that Amy did just that. It’s unclear why this troll thought otherwise.

"Did u take him to the vet?" another demanded to know. "That’s your first priority!"

Of course it is. Amy never suggested otherwise.

Amy Roloff as a Biker

"Hope Felix is feeling better soon," expressed a kinder fan, who theorized: "He might have just missed you so bad he’s rebelling."

That would be a blessing!

Sadly, even more haters poured into her comments section, deciding to attack her relationship with Chris Marek.

It’s unclear what — other than the misery of their own terrible lives — motivates these trolls to try to bully poor Amy.

She does not deserve this kind of treatment. They could at least take a break when she’s posting about her ailing dog, you know?

Photo via Instagram

Isabel is marrying Jacob so soon — on September 7.

Of course she’s been bonding with Jacob’s entire family.

It’s even rumored that she mended a feud between Jacob and his sister-in-law, Audrey.

(That’s just a rumor, though)

We send our own best wishes for Felix to make a full recovery from whatever ails him.