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A few short months ago, Joe Biden seemed like a virtual lock to secure the Democratic nomination for the 2020 presidential election.

But a combination of gaffes, outdated ideas, and potentially calamitous family scandals have left the former vice president struggling to rescue his ailing campaign.

Joe Biden Rallies

Yes, Biden’s primary opponents have steered clear of the personal issues that have roiled his family in recent years, largely because primaries in general and Democratic primaries in particular tend to be more about policy and less about mudslinging.

But we probably don’t need to tell you that Donald Trump is not exactly a “stick to the issues” kind of guy.

So Biden can expect to have his feet held to the fire over his son’s behavior, should he ever reach the general election stage.

Which means the latest scandal involving Hunter Biden could wind up being an electability issue in the eyes of Dems, many of whom already question the 76-year-old’s ability to lure swing state centrists to his side.

Joe Biden Speaks

Hunter Biden first made tabloid headlines in 2017, when he began dating the wife of his late brother, Beau Biden.

Now, Hunter is in the spotlight a second time, and yet again, both he and his family are probably less than thrilled about it.

An Arkansas woman named Lunden Roberts has filed suit against the 49-year-old claiming that he is the father of her 1-year-old son and has repeatedly ignored her requests for child support.

Roberts says she became pregnant by Biden during a brief relationship in 2018, and she now feels she has no choice but to take him to court for his failure to provide financial support.

Hunter Biden

“This is a parenting and child support issue between her and Mr. Biden,” said Roberts’ attorney, Clint Lancaster.

He added that Roberts “really values her privacy” and claims that her filing is in no way politically motivated.

“She really does not want this to be a media spectacle,” Lancaster said.

“She does not want this to affect Joe Biden’s campaign. She just wants this baby to get financial support from the baby’s father.”

Unless Biden denies paternity, the matter will likely be settled out of court with a payment of back child support and an agreement for future payments.

As for Hunter’s father, clearly, politicians have weathered far worse scandals in recent years.

After all, our sitting president has been accused of sexual assault by more than 17 women.

Still, the latest news regarding his family could not have come at a worse time for Joe Biden, who has yet to speak publicly on the scandal.