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Since 90 Day Fiance fans were first introduced to Evelin and Corey, many viewed Corey as a fool and Evelin as some sort of hell-beast.

Evelin has been clapping back at trolls who think that she’s ruining Corey’s life. This time, she has help.

She and Corey are both taking aim at the vile, hateful messages that she’s received after a recent episode claimed that she had "cheated."

Evelin and Corey

"Hello!" Evelin Villegas begins in a lengthy Instagram post. "Is sad people still shame women for owning and enjoying her sexuality."

"I have never been a woman to have a lot of men," she notes. "And now I read a lot of stupid people saying the most crazy things about me."

"In the end," Evelin writes. "The only one [who] knows is me."

"I can only imagine what girls that have a lot of men think when they read your comments… how do they feel," she laments.

"Why do women are so hard on women?" Evelin asks. (The answer is that patriarchal social forces encourage them to)

Evelin at the Beach

"I was so disappointed Corey brought out to tv something that I wasn’t proud of , something that happened in a break," Evelin admits.

"I have never disrespected him," she says. "And this was the biggest hurt to my dignity somebody could have ever done to me, the biggest betrayal."

"The reason I said ‘you got so low’ was because I couldn’t believe he put it out there for everyone to twisted how they wanted," Evelin explains.

"During the filming they always expected me to cry but the only thing that broke me was that … how low it all got," she admits.

"Even after all the hate, the shaming, and much more, I come out of this stronger," Evelin affirms.

Corey and Evelin

"Guess what?" she asks. "I own my sexuality and im not gonna be what you want me to be."

"It took months for me to prepare for the last episode," Evelin confesses. "And even now still hard."

"Everyone in my town respects me , I was the Queen one year . I have never been with any of the man in my town or my country," she reveals.

"(You already know about Raul)," Evelin notes. "I don’t need to prove anything to you but here u all go …"

"For the people full with hate," she acknowledges. "This will not change your mind but I don’t care."

Evelin Villegas

"Yes I’m proud to be dominant , to enjoy my sexuality, to enjoy my body , my spirit, to know what makes me happy and take it and enjoy it," Evelin affirms.

"I hope more women will seek for they own happiness," she expresses. "Instead or just making a man happy so they don’t leave then."

She then has a powerful message for any woman reading her post.

Evelin proclaims: "You are enough to love yourself."

Evelin on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Corey Rathgeber also wrote about the episode and his accusation — and apologized profusely.

"Evelin is beautiful in every aspect!" Corey affirms. "Shes the most loving, caring and wonderful person! I have never loved someone more."

"I hope one day people do meet her in person," he expresses. "So you can see exactly what I mean."

"Shes the most awesome individual," Corey gushes. "It’s sad shes has to deal with all of this negativity."

"It’s wearing us both down," he laments. "And hurting both of us very much."

"People please understand she is a person too," Corey pleads. "Don’t be so hard on her."

Corey and Evelin in San Francisco

"I do want to address the episode," Corey emphasizes. "We were on a break during the argument. She did not cheat on me."

"I felt that way at the time," he explains. "But Evelin never did anything wrong. It was my fault for bringing up the past."

"It should have not been brought up on national TV," Corey confesses. "We have moved long past that. It happened more than 2 years ago."

"I made the huge mistake," he admits. "I broke a promise to her and made her look terrible."

"I’m so sorry @evelin_ecuador," Corey concludes. "I will always love and care for you forever, no matter what happens in our lives."

If we didn’t already know if Corey and Evelin make it, it looks like we certainly know now.