90 Day Fiance The Other Way Star Evelin Villegas Claps Back at Trolls

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Even before fans got to meet Evelin and Corey in a 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way sneak peek, there have been rumblings about Evelin.

After fans saw her seemingly abandon Corey at the airport and tell him to take a bus, she's a contender for the star most hated by fans.

Now, Evelin is clapping back at hateful trolls -- and says that there's a perfectly good explanation for making Corey find his own way.

Evelin on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

"Don't be worry about Corey," Evelin assures her followers on Instagram. "He surely got a good welcome."

As for leaving him at the airport, she writes that the "reasons may or may not be on the next episode."

Remember, you never know what may get edited out of your story. That's how reality televisionw orks.

"If they are not," Evelin adds. "I'll probably explain later."

"For now," Evelin advises. "Keep watching and enjoy the show. Much love."

Corey and Evelin

Evelin has een on ther eceiving end of some nasty, vicious, hateful messages since that first trailer aired.

"Ugly Cave woman, jungle girl, mud town girl," Evelin lists, adding that those are "a few of the negative comments I've been getting lately."

"And now," she continues. "I decided to address it."

"Jungle woman in my opinion are the most beautiful ones , real ones ..pure ones ." Evelin writes.

"We are living in a society that makes us believe that fake is the real pretty," she observes.

Evelin feels that we live in a society "where girls are looking more and more like [crappy] dolls."

Evelin claps back at haters

"I check the haters profiles," Evelin reveals.

She explains that it's not because they're getting to her.

Evelin writes that she checks their profiles "beacuse i want to understand what makes then be the way they are."

"And it's shocking to see that most of them are moms," she expresses.

It is jarring for Evelin to see these hateful trolls "posing happy on pictures with their kids."

Evelin at the Beach

"And I think, if I was 16 years old right now," Evelin imagines. "These comments will probably break my self-esteem."

She continues: "and not let me be the strong woman I am now."

"I wonder if they think about their own kids," Evelin muses.

She asks: "how can they fight bullying when they are bullies too?"

That is an extremely fair question.

Evelin Villegas

Can you believe that some people called this woman "ugly?"

"Why does some women feel like they have to destroy other women in order for them to feel good?" Evelin asks.

"I'm hoping they can read this," she expresses. "And think about what they are saying,"

"Trust me," Evelin writes. "We all have mirrors in our homes "

Evelin and Corey, Guayas Provencial tourism board pic

"This is me with my burn by the sun hair and I don't regret it," Evelin writes beside the selfie below.

She adds that it's "because it's the result of so many days of happiness and fun in the ocean under that beautiful sun."

"Yes," Evelin admits. "There's so many things that I can feel subconscious about."

"But I embrace them and love them," she explains. "Because If you don't love yourself nobody will."

"I hope you embrace yours too," Evelin writes to her followers -- including her detractors.

Evelin Villegas on Instagram

"And," Evelin writes. "I hope we can give to all the little boys and girls that are just starting in life the confidence and love they all deserve."

She wants to do this "so they know how to love and how to respect ."

"And for the haters that still want to be haters is ok trow it all on me," Evelin says. "I can take it."

"But don't go around the Internet destroying other girls," she instructs.

Corey and Evelin in San Francisco

"Let the girls be happy," Evelin pleads. "Let the girls be themselves."

She concludes by writing that she is "proud to be from my pig surfer town."

Fans need to consider two things.

One, that edits on reality television are designed to be misleading -- they tell a story.

Two, that even if Evelin really were heartless towards Corey, that would not be an excuse to viciously attack her online.

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