Chris Harrison: Blake Horstmann is a Trashy Dumpster Fire!

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Bachelor in Paradise is a time for love, heartbreak, and occassionally for fan-favorites to make total butts of themselves in front of the Bachelor Nation.

Blake Horstmann hooked up with two women, and that barely scratches the surface on what a player he has turned out to be.

Viewers aren't the only ones scandalized by this horndog. Chris Harrison himself is labeling Blake a total "dumpster fire."

Blake Horstmann in Paradise

Speaking to E! News, Chris Harrison is the first to admit that Blake's experience in Paradise is already a disaster.

"Blake was a dumpster fire," Chris characterizes.

"Blake himself was an absolute dumpster fire," he repeats. "He was just a car wreck."

To be fair, Chris didn't come up with this label himself.

It was Dylan Barbour who first said: "It's an absolute dumpster fire at some times, but it's also just really cute. It's really adorable."

Chris isn't using that whole description of the season for Blake, though. He's not calling him adorable.

Chris Harrison on ABC

As always, Chris has his finger on the pulse of the Bachelor Nation and is very good at summarizing the general vibe.

In this case, that vibe is disbelief.

"I think what everyone in America will be asking is 'What were you thinking when you went to Stagecoach,'" Chris says.

He continues: "'And not only hooked up with two women in two nights, but two women in our franchise, that know each other?'"

Chris also expresses his opinion that Blake "skated" into the franchise and may have just hoped that his shenanigans would quietly "blow over."

Jordan Kimball Selfie

Chris isn't the only member of the Bachelor Fam who's willing to come right out and say what he thinks of Blake.

Jordan Kimball, whose time in Paradise last year ended in an engagement and then a heartbreaking scandal, is speaking his mind.

In a recent teaser for Bachelor in Paradise, Jordan doesn't mince words when he's speaking to the camera.

"Blake’s making moves to half the cast out here," Jordan announces.

Bachelor in Paradise isn't supposed to be as focused as The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

But if somebody's trying his luck with that many castmates, he's either trying to stay famous or trying to get laid.

Blake Horstmann Pic

Blake was involved with both Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman.

(Poor Kristina also got tangled up with Dean Unglert's deeply unflattering time in Paradise, though his shenanigans pale beside Blake's)

He hooked up with both women at the same festival back in April. That would be fine ... if he'd been being honest with them both about it.

On top of that, he was also chatting with Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin.

To make matters worse, Blake's effort to "save" his reputation included releasing personal text messages he had exchanged with Caelynn.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes on Bachelor in Paradise

Caelynn's horny text messages don't somehow magically absolve Blake of two-timing (four-timing?).

They show that Caelynn was thirsty for him, but she has since come out to give those texts some context.

Miss North Carolina has explained that what happened with Blake was not just a hookup -- they had an ongoing relationship.

It looks like she and Blake saw things differently.

And we also suspect that we'll see a lot more of Blake making an ass of himself as Bachelor in Paradise continues.

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