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If you love painfully awkward exchanges between reality stars and their fans, this one’s for you.

Mott Roloff has been sticking it to ex-wife Amy Roloff all summer by flaunting gorgeous vacation photos with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

Now it seems Caryn is dipping her toe in the drama pool too after posting her own date night photo with Matt, and throwing a little shade Amy’s way.

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Last weekend, Caryn posted a cute shot of herself and Matt sharing a meal on Instagram. 

The couple both grin for the camera while enjoying what looks to be a tiny pizza and a cup of tomato bisque.

It all seems innocent enough, with a sweet caption to match.

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"Dinner in Bend, Oregon on a quick road trip & get a way," Caryn captioned.

"Never mind those pesky summer thunderstorms," she added.

She also included the umbrella and eye roll emoji, for good measure.

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Caryn’s fans and followers, however, were not about to waste this opportunity to drag up some Roloff drama.

One pot-stirrer wrote "Watch out, I see Amy looking through the window."

That’s a scary thought that would have anyone looking over their shoulder, just to check.

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Amy and Matt’s breakup has stayed relatively mature and amicable. 

However, amy has been open about Matt having an affair with Caryn while he and Amy were still together.

The former couple has refrained from public arguments and online mud-slinging.

But it’s clear Amy is not a big fan of Caryn, or her involvement in the dissolution of her marriage.

Fans are keenly aware of this, and that’s why some are jokingly tormenting Caryn with references to Amy creeping around her and Matt’s dates.

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So how did Caryn respond to being put on the spot for stealing Amy’s man?

With just one, somewhat inscrutable flushed-face emoji!

Use your words, Caryn! What are we all supposed to make of this?

Amy Roloff is Worried

At the very least, we can say Caryn seems to feel pretty embarrassed by the commenter’s remark.

That she chose to respond but not actually say anything implies that she doesn’t know what to say in her defense.

Or maybe she just has nothing nice to say about Amy?

Our best guess is that Caryn was just trying to say, "Wow, why’d you have to go and make this real awkward?"

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But that’s not the kind of thing "nice" celebs tend to say to fans.

That’s a whole conversation Caryn is not trying to have with this random Insta user. 

But if that’s the case, perhaps the more graceful alternative would have been to just ignore that comment.

Some other commenters seemed to agree. 

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"Yikes," began one response, "no response to that would [have] been classy move."

Maybe so, but it was too late by that point.

Other commenters just wanted to get in on the fun.

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"Yeah," One user chimed in, "[Amy’s] saying thank God she’s someone else problem."

"Exactly!!" another agreed, "She can have him."

It seems like quite a few people feel like Amy is well rid of her duplicitous ex.

That said, we hope Caryn’s blushing emoji doesn’t mean she feels ashamed of her behavior.

Caryn was just trying to share a happy moment from her life. 

If Amy has any objections to that, it’s really not Caryn’s fault.

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But the real winner in this comment thread was one user who ignored the ex-drama, but took issue with Caryn complaining about the stormy weather.

"Summer thunderstorms are cool!" they insisted, adding a storm cloud emoji.

How dare Caryn drag Mother Nature like that?

Hopefully her Instagram fanbase will always be here to set her straight.