Anfisa Nava: 90 Day Fiance Alum Moves, Declares "Fresh Start" Without Jorge!

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While her husband Jorge Nava has been in prison, Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava has been living her life.

But now, she's moved to a new home, and is talking about getting a "fresh start."

Anfisa confesses that her old place had too many "negative memories." Has she finally left Jorge?

Anfisa Nava Begins Fall Semester Classes

"FINALLY moved to my new place," Anfisa announces in a new Instagram post.

"Time to unpack," she says with what feels like palpable resignation.

"it will probably take me a few weeks... or months..." she admits.

Anfisa then asks her fans and followers: "Who can relate?"

Here is the photo that she included with her annojuncement:

Anfisa Nava, New Home Mirror Selfie

"I was super worried about this huge mirror making it safe," Anfisa admits in the captions beside the mirror selfie.

"But as you see," she continues. "It survived the move."

"Now, why did I decide to move?" Anfisa asks rhetorically, answering: "Simply because my lease was over!"

"I didn't want to stay at the same place," she admits.

Anfisa explains that this is "because there are a lot of negative memories connected to it."

Anfisa Nava Wears Green

Negative memories? Oh dear. ...

She writes: "especially my car being broken into in the apartment complex parking garage a few months ago."

"So," she says. "I wanted a fresh start."

"And it felt really good to go through all the stuff," Anfisa shares.

She wanted to sort through things "and leave a lot of things behind."

Anfisa Nava Wears the Crown

Anfisa concludes: "It feels like a whole new chapter in my life is about to start!"

That is the sort of thing that women say when they are getting a divorce.

And then there are those lines about negative memories and getting rid of some things from her life.

In late 2020, is Jorge going to get out of prison and come home only to find an Anfisa-free house?

A lot of 90 Day Fiance fans have been wondering for how long a young, beautiful woman like Anfisa will stick around with her husband behind bars.

Jorge Nava and Anfisa Nava Dance

But we have to note that, aside from some of her alarming diction, there's no real reason to think that this means a divorce.

After all, Anfisa did not actually mention Jorge at all.

Maybe that's a bad thing -- a wife not even acknowledging that her husband exists.

Or maybe that's a fine thing, because this post was not about him at all.

Maybe Anfisa just wanted a new apartment with a presumably safer garage, and even discussed it with Jorge.

Anfisa Nava and Jorge Nava at the Pool

Anfisa made no secret about being a gold digger when she first arrived in the US.

Yet she didn't leave Jorge when she learned that he was considerably less affluent than he had let on.

Similarly, she didn't dump him on the spot when he was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to two years in prison for marijuana possession.

Instead, she's been keeping busy with school (including summar classes) and with her incredible bodybuilding career.

Parts of that post did seem to be dropping hints -- or even bait -- about a breakup, but let's not sound the alarm until she says it directly, okay?

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