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Obviously, Kim Kardashian knows how to get the people talking on social media.

After all the phrase "break the internet" was coined in response to one of her more celebrated nude photoshoots.

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But these days, the mother of four has more on her mind than continuing her work as a human click magnet.

Kim is studying to become a lawyer; she’s devoted much of her free time to helping gain presidential pardons for inmates sentenced to life in prison for non-violent crimes — and of course, she has those four kids to raise.

And with as much as she has on her plate career-wise, Kim seems to have little trouble making time for her those four kids.

Today, for example, she posted a video in which her 1-year-old daughter Chicago can be seen playing with a corn snake:

“My brave girl Chicago,” Kim captioned the clip.

Seems innocent enough, right?

Well, unfortunately for Kim, this is the internet, which means no one is given the benefit of the doubt, and everything is fair game for the harshest criticism some rando from Des Moines can muster.

First, there were the mom-shamers, who seem to pop up on just about every social media post involving a child under the age of 16:

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“You don’t play with animals like that. Especially snakes who can easily lash out when provoked" wrote one such hater.

"I find it irresponsible of parents letting their young children hold animals like that and they have no idea what they are doing. Poor snake. Have a bit more respect."

“This makes me feel sick,” commented another.

“I will never let my kid play with a snake,” remarked a third.

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Of course, that’s all just par for the course, and frankly, the "snakes are dangerous, so you’re a bad mom" takes are a little boring.

What’s really interesting is the fact that some folks actually believe the video is Kim’s deeply subtle way of taking a shot at Taylor Swift.

As you may recall Kim and Taylor have been feuding for years, and they seem to have no interest in burying the hatchet, a la Taylor and Katy Perry,

Snake imagery was prevalent in Taylor’s last album, which led some fans to speculate that Kim is using her daughter to throw shade.

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"You Let Chi play with Taylor Swift? Bold. Proud of you," joked one fan.

"Chicago owning Taylor Swift… WE STAN!!!!!" commented another, who … may have actually been serious.

Granted, Kim has referred to Taylor as a snake in the past, but he highly doubt there was any ulterior motive to this post.

Although if there was, Mrs. Kardashian-West deserves praise who her absurdly low-key shade.