Amber Portwood is in Danger of Losing Her Kid and is Making Jokes About Her Cleavage

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In a new photo shared to her Instagram page, Amber Portwood is showing off her brand new digs.

Along with her fairly prominent cleavage.

We're not trying to be crude or inappropriate here. We know the Teen Mom OG star is battling for custody of her son and we really shouldn't be referencing her boobs or anything at the moment, but...

Amber Portwood Happy in Bed

... we're just quoting Portwood herself.

Over the weekend, Amber posted a photo of herself in bed, a giant smile plastered across her lips despite the many challenges in her personal life at the moment.

(e.g. An arrest for felony domestic assault; the possible loss of her son to his father; the realistic chance she gets fired by MTV.)

We've shared the snapshot above and the caption Portwood wrote alongside it below. This caption reads as follows:

The joy of having a bed AGAIN!!!!! (excuse the cleavage) to go from a couch for over a month to these hotel beds literally feels like a blessing! I'm so ecstatic every time!

Always sending love everyone.

Amber Portwood as One of the OGs

Such a message prompts two questions:

  1. Where had Amber been staying prior to this hotel move?t
  2. Why is she joking about her cleavage at a time such as this?

We believe the answer to number-one is "her mother's house."

And we can only say the following about the second inquiry posed right here: We have no idea.

In another post shared Saturday, the 29-year-old wished her 1.8 million followers goodnight, writing:

"Goodnight beautiful souls. I'm done with my nightly music routine and meditation so time for the makeup to come off!! Long day and finally tired but worth the time.

"Still always sending love."

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon Throwback

Amber did have a reason to finally be in good spirits last week.

As first reported by Us Weekly, a judge decreed that she could spend more time with her young son, James, in the weeks and months ahead -- but with a pretty huge catch:

She still must be accompanied by a court-approved supervisor.

Might this sanction be lifted the next time Portwood attends a court hearing? On August 22?

It's possible. But Andrew Glennon seems intent on pushing for primary custody of little James, concerned about the environment in which Portowod would raise the infant.

Poor Amber Portwood

Back on July 5, Portwood was arrested for allegedly throwing a shoe and Andrew and then allegedly taking a machete to the bathroom door in an attempt to get to her boyfriend and son.

She was arrested in a different domestic battery charge in 2010 and ended up serving over a year in jail for a related probation violation.

In this case, Andrew was so frightened by the way Portwood was acting that he told a 911 operator, via text message, that he thought she might kill him or their son or both.

"I received a text message from somebody saying that their life and their son's life is in danger," this operator has said for the official legal record.

Amber Portwood in Her Bed

In the month-plus since this incident, Amber has not commented directly on what  may or may not have transpired.

But she's hinted on multiple occasions that Glennon was cheating on her and even that Glennon often drove around drunk.

It's pretty clear that she's trying to impugn Glennon's character in an attempt to make herself look better and perhaps even justify her violent actions from last month.

So far, however, it doesn't appear as if this strategy is paying off.

Most observers think Portwood needs professional help, if not another jail sentence, and most definitely should NOT be a Teen Mom cast member any longer.

Do you agree?

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