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Now that we’re a couple of episodes into Season 10 of Alaskan Bush People, one of the stars is opening up about the realities of filming.

Starring on a reality show in the wilderness in the middle of nowhere is no joke, folks.

Rain is being brutally honest about the challenges that her family has faced. Take a look:

Rain Brown in a Red Bandana

On Sunday afternoon, Rain Brown took to Instagram to remind her followers about the new episode.

"Everybody! tune in to our new episode of @alaskanbushppl on discovery Channel tonight at 9!!" Rain wrote in her captions.

She then elaborated on how grueling it had been to produce what fans and viewers were about to see.

"This season has been very challenging," the 16-year-old admitted.

Rain explained that it was difficult "adjusting to the new life our Wolfpack has had to live."

Alaskan Bush People, Family Photo

Even with those challenges, Rain quickly made it clear that nothing would hold back the Browns.

"But together we can get through anything," the youngest of Billy and Ami’s children affirmed.

"And," she vowed, they will "come out the other side stronger as a family!"

After all of the adversity that they’ve faced? We don’t doubt it.

This is not the first time that Rain has opened up about the effort that went into this season.

Rain Brown in the Sunlight

Right before this season’s premiere, Rain also took to Instagram with a message for her fans and followers.

"My family crew and I have worked tirelessly to make a fun uplifting meaningful season," Rain began.

She expressed her "special thanks to the wonderful crew, beautiful family."

Rain also gave a shoutout to Noah and Rhain’s baby.

"And," the teen reality star wrote. "Mostly my nephew Eli."

This girl loves being an aunt!

Rain Brown Holds Baby Nephew

For all of Rain’s much-appreciated honesty, she’s still pretty vague about the challenges with which her family is grappling.

But we think that we can read between the lines and explain it.

For one thing, it wasn’t so long ago that the entire family was living in Alaska.

Then they transplanted, not to Washington, but to a Beverly Hills mansion during Ami’s cancer battle.

The plan for a time was for them to move to Colorado, but ultimately, they settled in Washington on a 435 acre property that Billy Brown purchased.

Adjusting to a series of big moves like that takes time.

Raquell Rose and Rain Brown

There’s more than just moving chaos that has the 16-year-old reality star adjusting to new habits.

As she mentioned, she’s now an aunt — to Noah and Rhain’s baby, Eli.

It turns out that Noah was only the first to provide Billy and Ami with a grandbaby.

Gabe Brown married girlfriend Raquell Rose, and it was no surprise when the couple announced that they were expecting.

Rain gets along well with Raquell, but adjusting to her best friend being her sister-in-law and mother of her future niece is a big deal.

Just weeks ago, Bear Brown revealed that he has a girlfriend of his own, Raiven.

The two have been dating for six months and spending time on the Brown property all the while.

While there were rumors that Bear’s family resented his girlfriend for being pansexual, those whispers have been quashed.

It looks like Rain gets along well with Raiven, too.

Another big difference has been Matt Brown’s coming and going as he worked on his sobriety.

The good news is that Matt has made up with Billy and will even be allowed to film next season so long as he remains sober.