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Dog The Bounty Hunter viewers know that Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman was his wife’s biggest fan.

His devotion was always on display as he stood by Beth through her final months, and mourned her tragic passing.

So fans were understandably stunned Saturday night, when photos surfaced of Duane out to dinner with a mystery woman just weeks after Beth’s death!

Duane Chapman With Beth's Box of Ashes
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According to a report from The Daily Mail, Duane was spotted with the woman at an Italian Restaurant in Los Angeles Saturday night.

Eyewitnesses describe the woman as a brunette bombshell, with the kind of ample curves we know Duane appreciates.

The couple appeared to be on some kind of date, with both Duane and the mystery woman wearing snazzy evening attire.

Duane chose a black blazer over his blue button-up shirt.

The gal, meanwhile, wore a form-fitting cocktail dress with black and white chevron pattern that perfectly showed off her assets.

She complimented the dress with a pair of strappy silver heels.

The two reportedly laughed while enjoying a meal together, and were later picked up by the same driver.

The vehicle took the couple to a gas station, where the woman and the driver picked up some supplies while Duane waited in the car.

Finally, the car took the pair back to Duane’s hotel, reports The Daily Mail.

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Of course, Duane has yet to comment about the evening himself.

But even without confirmation from Dog, fans are going nuts about this apparently romantic outing.

Reports left many fans speculating that Duane had his sights set on this new beauty.

Could this be real?

How could Duane have moved on so very, very quickly after Beth’s death?

Not even a month ago, Duane was so distraught he could barely make it through the speech he prepared for Beth’s memorial service.

The loss of his wife brought Duane so low that some fans were worried for him.

“If there’s a god, He won’t let me live that long without her,” Duane said during the service.

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If this is the hot date that The Daily Mail describes, it would be a head-spinning, Wilt Chamberlain-level rebound for the bounty hunter.

However, a follow-up report from The Blast is defusing much of the drama.

According to their updated take on the story, the apparently intimate evening was in fact a work event.

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The Blast claims that the woman spotted with Duane is a crew member on Dog’s Most Wanted, part of the hair department for the show.

She has reportedly been a friend of Duane and Beth for years!

Furthermore, they report that at least eight other members of the cast and crew were present.

That’s quite a huge detail for The Daily Mail to omit.

Did Duane and this supposed crew member leave separately from the rest of the cast? And if so, why the privacy?

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We know the cast and crew of Dog’s Most Wanted are around L.A. to promote the upcoming premier, which is set to air in September.

So, it makes sense for the team to get dressed up and celebrate over a nice dinner.

But, even knowing all this, would it be so crazy to think a few sparks are flying?

Having a long, friendly history and a working relationship doesn’t rule out the possibility of a romance.

In fact, it often brings people together, especially in the wake of a tragedy. Just saying.