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The claws were out on Thursday’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, and Bethenny Frankel was put on blast. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York online, you know that B has had a horrible year. With the death of her late boyfriend, Dennis, and her almost dying herself, we think it’s fair to say she wants to move on. 

Bethenny Shocked at Reunion

That’s a big ask when you’re in a cast filled with schemers, and Bethenny found herself confronting claims that she cheated on Dennis. 

Luann de Lesseps recently teased on an After Show special that Bethenny was a cheat, and host, Andy Cohen wanted answers. 

"So last Christmas, I went out on a date," she said.

"I remember talking to Tinsley [Mortimer] and being like, ‘I really like him!’ I thought I was an idiot because I was saying, ‘I don’t know, I feel like he could be the one or something!’ I was really into him, and we went out a couple of times, and I just wasn’t really ready."

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"Like, I was too needy, if that makes any sense? I wanted someone to give me a guarantee this is the guy because I didn’t wanna get hurt."

"So he comes back into your life after Dennis passes?" Andy wondered. 

"He just came back and really courted me," Bethenny replied.

"It was great because I had a history with him and I sort of trusted him. And we’re still together." 

As for whether Paul will be on the show, Bethenny said that he is a "very private, conservative, reserved person. He is calm and balanced, and this is not for him."

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Tinsley then stepped into the ring because she was mad that Bethenny was allowing Paul to steer clear of the show despite her urging her to be public about her relationship with Scott. 

But Bethenny noted that Tinsley met Scott on camera, so it was natural for him to be part of her storyline. 

Andy turned to B again with a fan question. 

"Were you seeing the hot catering guy and your new guy in between periods of dating Dennis?" said the host. 

Bethenny Frankel Lays Down the Law

"I dated intermittently," Bethenny explained.

"What would happen was, we would break up for a month or two months, and then I’d be like, ‘Okay,’ and I’d say to Dennis, ‘I wanna meet someone.’ And I met catering guy (Russ) in The Hamptons, and we dated for six weeks, two months."

We were then treated to a photo of Russ, and he was definitely easy on the eyes. Andy and her cast mates were shocked at how hot he was. 

"I know," Bethenny replied with a grin.

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"We were really very, very much into each other. There was an age difference, and I wasn’t ready with that relationship, to be honest."

Bethenny then admitted that it was difficult for Dennis to see her with Russ. 

"That was a hard pill for Dennis to swallow, seeing me in a picture with him on the beach."

B admitted that her relationship with Dennis was not as good as people would like to believe. Dennis loved Bethenny, but she struggled with his lack of dependability. 

Wild, right?

The drama continues next Thursday when Luann takes the hot seat.