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It looks as though Sofia Richie has officially replaced Jordyn Woods as a member of Kylie Jenner’s squad.

Obviously, being friends with the world’s youngest "self-made" billionaire comes with some perks — in fact, it pretty much comes with all of the perks.

Kylie Squad
Photo via Instagram

Kylie’s crew is treated to private jet flights to the world’s most exotic locations, where they then boost their social media popularity by lounging in the sun and posing for selfies with the Queen of Instagram herself.

Basically, they spend a week chillin’ on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, and come home to find out they’re more popular than ever, and their sponsored content posts are suddenly worth more than the cars most Americans drive to their crappy office jobs.

It’s a sweet gig, is what we’re saying.

And Kylie’s most social media-savvy friends know exactly how to take advantage of all this exposure:

As you may recall, Sofia Richie posted nude photos during her latest vacay with Kylie.

The pics attracted a good deal of attention, and not solely because they depict a famous model lying on a beach without any clothes on.

No, the photos were of major interest to Kar-Jenner obsessives because they raised two major questions:

1. By "liking" this pic, is Kylie sending the message that Sofia is the new Jordyn on her squad roster? and …

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick Look Sad
Photo via Instagram

2. How does Scott Disick feel about his girlfriend displaying her goods on the open market?

Well, it seems that while he would have preferred to be present for his girlfriend’s nude tropical romp, Scott takes a refreshingly progressive view on the topic of Sofia’s right to with her body what she pleases:

"Scott did have some FOMO when he saw Sofia’s sexy bikini pictures but he did not react the way he would have a few years ago," a source close to the situation tells Hollywood Life.

"The old Scott would have pulled some drama, like running off to Miami with his boys for a big party binge but now, no reaction," the insider adds.

Scott and Sofia in Black and White
Photo via Instagram

"He just stayed home and hung out with his kids and worked.’

Yes, there was a time when Disick would have gone on a bender just to prove how upset he is about the situation.

But apparently, those days are done.

At 36, Scott has finally reached the same maturity level as his 20-year-old girlfriend.

"It shows how far he’s come and how healthy their relationship is," the source says.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie on a Couch
Photo via Instagram

"It’s not codependent at all, more than anything he was just very happy that Sofia was having fun with Kylie and the girls."

And while it must be a little strange to see your much younger girlfriend form a close friendship with the much younger sister of your baby mama, Scott seems to appreciate that forming a bond with Kylie could be huge for Sofia in a number of different ways.

"Sofia was thrilled to be invited to Kylie’s girls trip in celebration of her skincare line," says the insider.

"She feels really grateful she’s been able to have the time to relax and unwind with Kylie and it is a great way for the two to reconnect."

Sounds like Jordyn’s loss is definitely Sofia’s gain.