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While bride-to-be Isabel Rock has been bonding with her future in-laws, Matt Roloff has been working overtime to get the farm into shape.

While he gets the land ready for a picture-perfect wedding, Jacob is preparing for his big day.

In a pair of new photos, Jacob looks absolutely dashing in a suit, and Matt could not be prouder of his youngest son.

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"Look who popped over for a visit," Matt Roloff writes on Instagram alongside two sweet family photos.

In both images, Matt stands beside his youngest son, Jacob. In one of them, I Isabel joins them in the frame.

Jacob is all dressed up and he looks great!

"They wanted to show me the final look of the new man!" Matt explains.

He then notes that everyone is "Working hard every day getting the farm shaped up for their big day."

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Some of the commenters for some reason elected to give Jacob a hard time about his shoes, because they are brown.

(People can be extremely goofy when it comes to having opinion about what total strangers wear)

Isabel, who is notably self-conscious about her appearance (though she has no reason to be!), decided to preempt any hurtful questions.

"Definitely not pregnant," Isabel wrote in the comments below the post.

Sh explained that people may have wondered, but that it was "just a flowy dress."

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Caryn Chandler, Matt’s girlfriend, has had a sometimes complicated relationship with the greater Roloff family.

But she chimed in to gush about how great Jacob looks.

"You guys picked out a very handsome suit," Caryn praises.

"Jacob looks like a dashing groom to be," she raves.

Caryn concludes: "Oh and the brown shoes … nailed it!"

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Over the weekend, Matt opened up that he was working overtime to get Roloff Farms into shape for this wedding.

"It’s no secret to people who know me well … I like things neat and organized and well kept," Matt wrote.

He admitted: "I don’t always achieve my goals but I sure love it when it happens.”

“Been on a cleaning rampage the past few days," Matt described.

He vowed that he was "gonna whip this farm into shape if it kills me."

Don’t push yourself too hard, dude.

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Jacob and Isabel have a history that goes back years — dating back to high school.

After Jacob left the family farm at 18, he and Isabel spent even more time together, including time traveling.

It was only after Jacob began the reconciliation process with his family that he and Isabel went on a romantic vacation to Iceland.

There, Jacob nervously proposed.

Isabel had predicted that he was going to pop the question, so she was as prepared as she could be. She said yes.

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The plan is that the couple will marry in September.

As part of Amy’s new agreement with Matt, she will hand over the farmhouse on November 1.

The family wnated Jacob and Isabel to marry on the farm before ownership changes hands, which makes a lot of sense.

Each of the Roloff children has gotten mraried on Roloff Farms.

If they ever stop growing pumpkins and making that delicious pumpkin salsa, they could probably do good business as a wedding venue.