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The latest season of Little People, Big World just recently reached its conclusion, and fans are alrady clamoring to know what the Roloff family is up to next.

It’s almost time to officially add a new member to that family, as we near the date for Jacob Roloff’s wedding to fiance Isabel Rock.

Isabel just celebrated her bachelorette party over the weekend, and Amy Roloff was on hand to snap some great pics of the occasion.

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Amy’s been sharing moments from the Pacific City beach party on her Instagram over the last couple days, and we’ve gotta say the whole gang looks great!

Isabel was looking very boho-chic for the event, sporting a floaty white party dress adorned with blush-colored embroidery.

She accessorized smartly with round shades, a dainty crown of green leaves, and the obligatory sash that designates her the queen of the hour.

There were no matching dresses, so it looks like the girls wanted to just keep it casual and have a good time.

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One pic shows Isabel sitting down with the crew at a restaurant, happily engaging in conversation.

Another of the photos shows Amy and Isabel along with a big group of gal pals who showed up for the party.

Amy also took a cute group selfie with Isabel and her soon-to-be sisters-in-law, Tori and Audrey.

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We love these photos, and can’t get over what a fun time everyone seems to be having.

But isn’t it a little weird inviting your mother-in-law to your bachelorette party?

Lots of brides-to-be would take this opportuity to go wild one last time before a lifetime of behaving for the in-laws.

But that’s apparently not how Isabel rolls.

In any case, we can tell Amy adores her future daughter-in-law from the loving caption she included with the post.

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"We’re celebrating this amazing girl Isabel @artbyizzyrock at her bachelorette party on the beach in Pacific City w/friends," the caption says.

"My wonderful future daughter-in-law!" Amy exclaims. "I’m so happy for my son @jacobroloff45 and his future wife."

"I’m thrilled just to be a part of the moment. Love them," she concludes, adding a red heart emoji.

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Missing of course was Jacob Roloff, Isabel’s fiance, Amy’s son, and so-called black sheep of the Roloff family. 

Jacob has often been at odds with the rest of the family. He left the show, resentful of being made to live his whole life on TV from a young age. 

Unlike the rest of the Roloffs in his nuclear family, Jacob is not devoutly religious. 

This sparked a huge feud with Auj when he met Isabel and the two began living together in sin, as it were, before getting married. 

It was actually Isabel who smoothed the situation out and got the siblings to make peace again.

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To his credit, Jacob never let his family’s disapproval stop him from living his life. 

He’s been roaming the countryside in a van along with Isabel and their two dogs. 

Honestly, they make for a truly beautiful couple in the many pics they share from their life on the road.

It seems like the two are living in some kind of dreamy, endless honeymoon, and they aren’t even married yet!

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We hope the reality of actually being wed to one another doesn’t dampen the couple’s romantic spirits. 

The big day is coming up fast! Jacob and Isabel are set to get married on September 7th.

In the mean time, we’ll be keeping an eye out for more adorable pre-marital moments.