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It’s time to talk about something really serious.

Are you ready, Little People, Big World fans?

Please stop whatever you are doing and focus for a few minutes, okay?

Jeremy with the Little One
Photo via Instagram

Because while we know Jeremy Roloff likes to discuss marriage and religion and love and sometimes even sex, we’d like to slow things down for a moment to discuss what really matters:

Jeremy’s hair.

The locks on top of this star’s head have changed considerably over the years, as Jeremy has experimented with what some experts often refer to as The Follicle Triple Play.

Going back about a year, Jeremy rocked a mane that would make most lions jealous.

He would often just let it all hang out and wave about, as you can see here:

Jeremy Roloff Holds Daughter
Photo via Instagram

Audrey would often have fun with her husband’s hair in this case, making it one of the more meme-able and/or GIF-able styles out there.

We mean, just look at this:

Photo via Instagram

On occasion, however, Jeremy would try to get this shaggy style under control.

He wasn’t prepared to cut it off, but he was bold and confident enough to go try something different; to tie up a significant portion of those wild strands and to tie them into place.

Yes, we’re talking about the polarizing man bun.

No matter what one thinks of this look, one must commend Jeremy for being self-assured enough to at least try and pull it off.

Audrey and Jeremy with Their Book
Photo via Instagram

But that was back then.

Now, Jeremy has ditched the length and got many of his hairs cut off.

Some would say he comes across more put together this way, but others would argue that he’s lost all sense of individuality.

Sure, Roloff looks handsome and everything, this side would state. But he also sort of looks just like everyone else out there.

What do you think?

Roloffs in Big Apple
Photo via Instagram

What do you think overall here?

You’ve seen examples of the three options on the table here.

You’ve had a chance to analyze each one, and now only one question remains:


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