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As though the world’s most cringe-worthy country crooner hasn’t done enough damage!

If you watched Tuesday night’s Bachelorette finale, we don’t need to tell you that Hannah Brown stunned the world by kicking Tyler Cameron to the curb and accepting a proposal from Jed Wyatt.

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(Well, we should say she stunned viewers who didn’t keep up on our Bachelorette spoilers, but that’s a conversation for another time.)

On social media, there was so much anti-Jed sentiment that folks who don’t watch the show were probably left wondering if Jeb Bush slightly changed his name and decided to primary Trump.

Tyler was the people’s champion, and while he delivered some semblance of a happy ending by accepting Hannah’s offer to go on a date, for many, the night — and possibly the entire season — was soured by Hannah choosing Jed and proving once again that she has the world’s faultiest douche detector.

But not everyone on Instagram was #TeamTyler:

As spoiler-master Reality Steve points out, Jed’s friends in Nashville hosted a watch party for the finale, and it seems clear they’re very pro-Wyatt — and extremely anti-Hannah.

The group can be heard chastising the audience for not clapping when Jed takes the stage.

(Did these people not watch the preceding scene in which Wyatt stammered through one lame-ass excuse after another in attempt to convince Hannah he’d done nothing wrong?)

When the camera closes in on Hannah, a woman at the party hisses, "Go away! I don’t like you!" Nice.

Angry Hannah Brown

Look, there’s a devil’s advocate case that can be made for Jed.

After all, dating in your early- to mid-twenties is a messy business, and leap-frogging into a new relationship after ghosting an ex is not unheard of.

But dude just confessed to his new fiancee that he had been exchanging "I love yous" during a Bahamian couple’s vacation (paid for by her parents!) just a few months earlier.

Surely, Ms. Brown is entitled to be a little pissed off, right?

Amazingly, Jed’s homies back home don’t see it that way.

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Dude in the pic above is Wyatt’s roommate, who — according to Reality Steve — spent the finale posting about how "his boy" is "finally free now." Classy.

"You mean the boy who was up on stage crying tonight & still professing his love for Hannah?" Steve tweeted.

"Bad look, dude. You’re making your squad look like a bunch of petty little bitches."

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Jed may have sabotaged his own career by behaving like a classic d-bag in a public setting — but at least he had a goal in mind.

It seems his friends are just doing it for fun.