The Bachelorette Spoilers: How Will it End? Who Will Hannah Pick?!

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Well, another season of The Bachelorette has come and gone.

And as much as Luke P. may have dominated this year's proceedings, in the end, it comes down to Hannah Brown and three men -- Jed Wyatt, Tyler Cameron, and Peter Weber.

Bachelor Nation seems to be mostly Team Tyler, but Peter has his fair share of supporters, as well.

The news that Jed Wyatt had a girlfriend waiting at home all season hasn't helped his standing among fans, but it's important to remember that Hannah didn't have that information when she made her decision.

If you've been following our Bachelorette spoilers these past weeks, then you know who gets the final rose.

But now, we have new -- and very surprising -- information about Hannah's dramatic season finale.

Take a look:

1. The Woman of the Hour

The Woman of the Hour
Yes, the time has finally come for Hannah B. to hand out her final rose -- and we know who gets it!

2. The Obligatory Warning

The Obligatory Warning
(This is the point where we remind you not to read any further if you want to be surprised by tonight's season finale. Spoilers lie ahead!)

3. The Fan Favorite

The Fan Favorite
It was initially rumored that Tyler Cameron wins Hannah's heart, and fans seemed very pleased with that outcome.

4. The Crooner

The Crooner
But thanks to information provided by spoiler master Reality Steve, we now know that it's Jed Wyatt who receives the final rose.

5. Mixed Results

Mixed Results
The good news is, Jed accepts the rose and proposes to Hannah in tonight's season finale.

6. Major Downsides

Major Downsides
The bad news is -- well, just about everything else about the situation.

7. Ali's Take

In fact, former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky -- who was one of the first to see tonight's finale -- says that the episode is more dramatic than anything in Colton Underwood's famously bonkers season.

8. The Seasoned Vet

"I have [seen it]. I know what happens," said Fedotowsky, who will make an appearance during the two-night finale, which begins Monday. "It is unlike any finale there has ever been, and that's the truth."

9. Calling Chris Out

Calling Chris Out
"I know Chris Harrison says it every season -- the most dramatic episode ever -- and I'm like, 'Chris, come on! This is like, so not! Sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s not.' Last season with Colton, I thought, 'Oh, we can't get more dramatic than this,'" she told Entertainment Tonight. "I think this finale might top that finale!"

10. Hannah's Happy Ending

Hannah's Happy Ending
Fedotowsky says the season "does not end the way it normally does" -- but when asked if Hannah gets a happy ending, she demurs, saying, "I cannot answer that question." Fortunately, we can.

11. Meet Haley

Meet Haley
This is Haley Stevens. Like Jed, she's a Nashville-based singer-songwriter, and she recently revealed that she was in a relationship with Wyatt when he left to film The Bachelorette.

12. Her Side

Her Side
Haley says she and Jed had been together for several months when he boarded that fateful flight to LA. She also claims he assured her that he was participating in the show solely to promote his music career and had no interest in a relationship with Hannah.

13. His Story

His Story
This somewhat jibes with what Jed told Hannah during their first date. He admitted to auditioning for the show in hopes of helping his music career, but he says his motives changed when he learned he would be competing for Hannah's heart.

14. Taking the Bait

Taking the Bait
It's a bit of a lame story, but Hannah bought it. And now, it seems she may regret not kicking Jed off on the spot.

15. The Single Singer

The Single Singer
According to Reality Steve, Hannah and Jed were briefly engaged, but that's no longer the case.

16. Hannah's Heartbreak

Hannah's Heartbreak
"I can confirm that Hannah broke off her engagement to Jed earlier this week," Steve recently wrote.

17. On the Outs

On the Outs
"They are still ‘together,’ but the engagement is off. This isn’t a ‘don’t ever talk to me again’ from what I’m being told, but it’s also not all rainbows and daffodils either …” Steve added. “To end an engagement means Hannah has been bothered enough by what’s come out."

18. Live Drama

Live Drama
So Jed and Hannah have had some problems, and much of the two-part finale will air live. That means we're in uncharted territory here, and literally no one knows exactly how this will play out.

19. Calling An Audible

Calling An Audible
Could Hannah ditch flip the script, ditch Jed on the spot, and ask one of the other guys to give her a second chance?

20. Prepare For a Twist

Prepare For a Twist
It would be an unprecedented move, but then again, Ali says the finale will play out like nothing we've ever seen before.

21. The Runners-Up

The Runners-Up
Many hope that if Hannah tosses Jed aside she'll go for her Pilot Pete, whom she famously coupled with in a windmill during Fantasy Suite week.

22. Is No One Innocent?!

Is No One Innocent?!
Peter's a likable guy, but it's worth noting that -- like Jed -- he reportedly had a girlfriend waiting at home during filming. Whoops.

23. Tyler's Turn?

Tyler's Turn?
That leaves Tyler, the dancing contractor and male model who won the hearts of many viewers this season.

24. Probably Not ...

Probably Not ...
No doubt Tyler became even more attractive to fans after the bad news came out about Jed and Peter. But Hannah's played the game a bit conservatively all season, and it seems unlikely that she'll be so quick to give up on Wyatt.

25. The Next Bachelor?

The Next Bachelor?
As for what we DO know -- at some point in the four-hour finale, Chris Harrison will announce the next Bachelor. Mike Johnson is the odds-on favorite, and you can expect a fan uproar if he's not the selection.

26. Surprises In Store?

Surprises In Store?
Other than that, it seems we'll have to wait and watch to see how Hannah's love story plays out. While we're guessing she'll end up with Jed, it's sure to be a wild ride.

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