Colt Johnson Almost Got an Epic Smackdown from Pedro Jimeno!

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During part 1 of the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 4 Tell All, Colt and Chantel got into a heated conflict backstage.

It turns out that they weren't the only ones -- Colt was picking fights with each and every one of his castmates.

Here's the inside scoop on his behavior, and Coltee even confirms some of it. It almost earned him an epic smackdown from Pedro.

Colt Johnson leans back

"He was being a jerk before we all sat down," Nicole Nafziger revealed on Instagram.

He wasn't just picking on Pedro and Chantel.

He was trying to strike a nerve with anyone and with everyone.

"He was asking each couple a rude question," Nicole recalls.

"Like he asked me if my relationship was even real?" she accuses. "Is that really the first thing you ask someone?"

Nicole Nafziger With the Fun Hair

"He wasn’t very nice to everyone,” Nicole describes.

“He came on defense and offense," she says of Colt. "He was rude."

That definitely sounds very true to his character.

When it comes to his argument with Chantel, Nicole says that Chantel was in the right to respond the way that she did.

"She [had] a reason to snap at him," Nicole says.

Colt Johnson speaks bts

"He went at her backstage even though it wasn’t seen," Nicole continues.

And Chantel was not the only castmate whom he successfully annoyed.

"He asked Ashley if she had scammed anyone lately," Nicole recalls. "And called her ‘Trashley.'"

"They got into it, and it actually was more explosive than the fight they showed with Chantel," she says.

Nicole continues: "as Ashley was yelling at him much louder than Chantel yelled at him."

Ashley Martson and Colt Johnson

In Touch Weekly reported on the animosity between Ashley and Colt.

"When she got sat next to him, she was like, ‘Oh for f–k’s sake, seriously?’” the insider shares.

The source notes: “They also didn’t show that."

"There was a whole other argument not shown between Colt and Pedro," the insider reveals. "Colt was starting with him and Pedro almost hit him."

"Colt kept saying to Pedro, ‘Come at me, come on tough guy,'" the source shares.

Pedro Jimeno: Do Not Talk That Way To My Wife

"They were arguing up to the second they came out on set," the insider says.

"It was quite an explosive day," the source adds.

"And, for some reason, Colt started with everyone individually," the insider remarks.

The source acknowledges that Colt was engaging in this bizarre behaio "even though no one was starting with him."

That sounds deeply toxic, even for a reality star.

Colt Johnson Predicts the End

Coltee evem responded to In Touch Weekly when asked about his behavior.

"Yes, I can exclusively confirm to you that I did indeed call Ashley ‘Trashley,'" Colt wrote.

He added: "Nicole has been in a long distance relationship for many years without any sign of progression or interest in getting married"

"Chantel is a hypocrite and literally is human noise," Colt characterized.

To fans of the show, Colt wrote: "Thank you and keep watching."

Colt's personality quirks and abrasive personal habits have been observed by countless fans and viewers of 90 Day Fiance.

Until recently, it seemed that only Larissa and viewers saw much of that. The Tell All must have been eye-opening for his castmates.

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