Cardi B Breaks Down, Shocks Fans: I Wish I Was Dead!

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Cardi B has been known to get extremely NSFW on social media, but this time, she just got a little too real.

After the legendary rapper tweeted out her desire to die, fans cried out in alarm.

Is this a cry for help?

Cardi B Listens Intently

On the morning of Saturday, July 20, Cardi B tweeted out something deeply alarming.

"Wish I was dead," her now-deleted tweet reads.

Suffice it to say that it was not the glaring lack of the subjunctive mood that sent Cardi's fans into a panic.

Cardi is a beloved musician. She's a mother. She talks more sense on politicial topics than two-thirds of Congress.

What in the world had possessed her to write that? Was it a cry for help? Was she okay?

Cardi B deleted tweet wish I was dead

Someone appearing to wish that they were dead isn't always suicidal ideation.

Sometimes, it's an expression of fatigue. People may say that during final examps in college, for example.

Gen Z humor (and humor among the youngest Millennials) is also noted for frequent expressions of a desire or craving for death.

This is often used as commentary on very real struggles with mental illness, 

But for someone as famous as Cardi to tweet and delete a message like that without context made a lot of people understandably nervous.

Cardi B Grinds Against Offset on Stage

Fortunately, Cardi did not go radio silent after that ominous tweet.

On Saturday, she was reasonably active on social media.

Cardi engaged with fans and expressed joy and laughter and was seemingly in good spirits.

It may be that her tweet was merely about fatigue and nothing more.

The night before, Cardi had played a sold out show at the California Mid-State Fair, all while wearing thigh-high boots.

I can't say that I have much experience performing in boots like that, but I might tweet something similar after hours of dancing on stage in them.

Cardi B at the 2019 BBMAs

Cardi B is known for being a passionate woman.

We don't just mean that she loves her husband, Offset.

And we're not even just making a nod towards her aggressively unsubtle love for Offset's dong.

(She has made no secret of that, folks)

She has a lot of strong feelings and she acts quickly to express them.

Sometimes, that kind of expressive nature means sharing when you're feeling down just like you do when you're feeling happy. Or horny.

Cardi B at 2019 Gala

One thing that may be putting a crimp in Cardi's style is her recent legal troubles.

See, Cardi B is in trouble for assault.

A pair of bartenders who worked at a strip club say that Cardi ordered her goons to harass and ultimately attack them.

Why? Apparently Cardi was under the impression that one of the bartenders was on the long, long list of side pieces Offset banged.

It's so important to note that cheating is bad, but not as bad as assault.

Ordering your minions to attack people because they may or may not have had Offset hit their backwalls is simply not okay.

Cardi B Mid-Rant

Whatever Cardi B's troubles -- emotional, psychological, legal, or otherwise -- we hope that she is doing okay.

If she needs to speak to a therapist, we hope that she is already doing so.

It is entirely possible that she was just exhausted out of her mind after working hard all night.

Even the biggest stars need to take time to rest and recover.

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