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The Hills: New Beginnings star Audrina Patridge is once again having trouble with her unstable ex-husband Corey Bohan.

Unfortunately, this time it’s not over something as simple as whether or not their daughter is allowed on camera.

She has been granted a temporary restraining order protecting both her and her daughter and accuses her ex of domestic abuse.

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Not for the first time, Audrina Patridge has been granted a temporary restraining order against her awful baby daddy, Corey Bohan.

The order was requested and granted on the grounds of allegations of recent domestic violence.

Last week, she filed an emergency motion on behalf of both herself and her young daughter, Kirra.

Sadly but notably, this is not the first time that Audrina has had to seek legal protection from her ex-husband.

Their marriage ended after less than a year amid domestic violence accusations.

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According to documents obtained by The Blast, Corey Bohan will literally have to keep his distance.

He is required to stay 100 yards away from Audrina, from Kirra, from Audrina’s home, and from Kirra’s school.

Until the investigation is complete, he is also denied any and all visitation with his daughter.

Restraining orders can feel like a hollow gesture, especially when taken out to prevent brutal violence.

But we hope that this is enough to keep Audrina and Kirra safe.

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The majority of the details of the restraining order have been sealed by the court.

However, we do know the most recent incident of alleged abuse.

Audrina lists that as "May 2019, continuing to present."

Additionally, Audrina is seeking full custody of Kirra.

It is unclear whether mother, daughter, or both are said to be the primary targets of violence in this case.

Even with much of the information sealed, it seems likely that further details will come out as this case continues.

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Corey Bohan has already had the nerve to address this on social media.

Taking to his private Instagram, Corey seemed to suggest that he plans to fight Audrina in court.

"Keyword TEMPORARY," he wrote.

Corey then added a chilling: "to be continued …"

You know, a lot of alleged abusers get described as master manipulators who make themselves seem kind an innocent to the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, Corey’s message sounds vague but a little menacing. He might as well have written "that won’t protect you forever!"

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Corey has certainly managed to make life difficult for Audrina, even in ways not involving alleged violence.

The Hills: New Beginnings began filming in late 2018.

At the time, Corey was adamant that Kirra not have any role in filming.

This wasn’t just something that he demanded — he got a court order to that effect.

This spring, however, it was revealed that he had "somehow" changed his mind … after Audrina refusd to sign their divorce papers until he gave the go-ahead for Kirra to film.

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We do not know the context in which the most recent domestic violence allegedly took place.

This is very upsetting to hear — for Audrina’s sake but especially for young Kirra’s.

Kirra is only three years old.

We hope that the investigation and the court’s conclusions will reflect justice and the safety of Kirra.