Lady Gaga FINALLY Addresses Christian Carino Split

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The rumors have been spreading for weeks.

The chatter has been growing incessant.

The blogs have been very busy.

Amid this backdrop of talk about her split from fiance Christian Carino, Lady Gaga has finally broken her silence.

Gaga and Christian Carino

The engagement ended and the break-up was confirmed way back in February.

Neither half of the now-former couple has said much of anything in public since, however, which has only fueled the speculative fire around the Internet.

"There's no dramatic story," an insider tried to tell People Magazine at the time -- but no one wanted to buy this spin.

Most gossip observers assumed the engagement simply had to end because Gaga and Bradley Cooper are clearly in love; how else to explain their chemistry in A Star is Born?

Then there were the stories that alleged Gaga grew sick of how often Carino sent her text messages.

Christian Carino with Gaga

“He was jealous,” an insider previously told Us Weekly. “He was trying to find her all the time and texted her a lot. Her friends didn’t like him either."

This same source said in late winter that Gaga was the one who broke things off, emphasizing that Carino didn't take it well.

At. All.

So... was there truth to this rumor? To the cheating allegations? To all those Cooper-Gaga romance articles?

While performing her "Jazz & Piano" show as part of her residency in Las Vegas on Sunday evening, Gaga briefly addressed her split from ex-Carino when a song reminded her of when she was engaged.

Christian Carino Photo

"Last time I sang this song, I had a ring on my finger, so it'll be different this time," the artist told those in attendance prior to delving into "Someone  to Watch Over Me."

She then laughed and confirmed that she was, indeed, in love with Bradley Cooper and that she hoped to have, like, 9 of his babies.

Just kidding.

She only said the part we quoted above, which we guess isn't really all that newsworthy in the end, huh?

In reality, another source now claims, Gaga has been so busy of late with her career that she hasn't really given much thought to the end of her engagement.

She hasn't really processed it just yet.

Gaga Goes Gala

“Gaga has been in such a focus on her career right now and has not even had time to address what has been happening between her and Christian, emotionally,” this Us Weekly insider explains, adding:

“She has been telling those around her, ‘Let’s stay focused.’”

This tabloid also writes that Gaga was initially "devastated" when the romance concluded, but that Carino had "infringed on her creative process" and she just couldn't allow that to happen.

More recently, someone in the know explained that Gaga had cut off communication from Carino.

“She’s been hounded by Christian,” the mole says. “She told him not to contact her.”

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