Maci Bookout on Ryan Edwards: He's Scaring Our Son!

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Earlier this year, Ryan Edwards left rehab after completing a 90-day course of treatment.

Family, friends, and fans were hopeful for his future -- but also wary.

Ryan Edwards Mug Shot, Take 3

After all, it wasn't Edwards' first time in rehab, and his previous experiment with sobriety didn't last very long.

Sadly, those fears were justified when Ryan was arrested on possession charges just weeks after checking out of the treatment facility.

Edwards served 30 days behind bars and was released from jail back in April.

Rehab may have caused Ryan to miss the birth of his son -- but prison didn't prevent him from participating in the current season of Teen Mom OG.

Ryan Edwards and Family: A Photo

Yes, if you've been watching the show this season, you know that Ryan is a big part of Maci Bookout's storyline.

And judging from her latest tweets the mother of three is none too thrilled with that fact.

"It’d be amazing if the chaotic, cute, real life, family/marriage stuff we film made it on the show," Maci tweeted during Monday night's episode.

"Do I feel like my story is accurately portrayed on the show? Absolutely NOT," she added.

Maci Bookout, Ryan Edwards and Bentley

"Do I wish they’d stop making something/someone my entire story on the show? Absolutely YES! #TEENMOMOG"

Okay, so Maci isn't thrilled with giving up her screen time so that the show can focus on Ryan's problems.

That's understandable, and to her credit, Maci has always pursued a healthy co-parenting relationship with Ryan, despite the many, many times he's messed up.

But that doesn't mean she's not worried about what might happen when her son is alone with a heroin-addicted father.

In a preview for the upcoming episode of TMOG, Maci reveals that she's terribly frightened by the idea of Bentley spending time with Ryan.

However, she also doesn't want to prevent the boy from seeing his dad.

This may sound counter-intuitive.

But really Maci is just grappling with to two conflicting desires:

She wants her son to have a relationship with his father ... but more than anything, she wants him to be safe.

Ryan, Bentley

Ryan has demonstrated on numerous occasions just how unreliable he is.

And that puts Maci in a difficult position.

But it seems she's trying to handle the situation without tipping her son off to just how unstable his father is.

And she deserves a world of credit for that.

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