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And, with that, it’s over.

Both the latest season of Little People, Big World and the one major debate that hung over the past several episodes of this TLC reality show.

Would Amy and Matt Roloff sell their family farm? Would the latter convince the former that this was for the best? Or would the former successfully hold out and hold on to the property?

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On Tuesday’s concluding episode of Little People, Big World, Amy finally decided – after lengthy, frustrating and at times anger-filled negotiations with her ex-husband – that living on the farm was no longer "healthy" for her.

She agreed to move on.

"This has been a huge, huge decision, and it’s probably caused me a lot of stress and a lot of anxiety and a lot of sadness," Amy confessed to the camera on Tuesday night ahead of her meeting with Matt, adding:

"It was hard to get to this place, but I think it’s time."

Does she really, though?

Amy Roloff is Worried

"I’ve been dreading making this decision," the mother of four continued.

"I wish it came a lot quicker, but it didn’t. And so I did take the time. It wasn’t easy for me, but I’m glad it’s here now."

Amy and Matt have lived on the farm in Oregon and run it as a business for three decades.

Even after their divorce in 2016, they remained on the propery; residing just about 100 yards from each other and still working side by side.

So of course this was a monumental decision for Amy. Of course she needed to take her time in making it.

We really can’t believe fans gave her a hard time for thinking about the issue from all sides.

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Matt explained on the finale that he wanted Amy to still feel welcome on the farm — and he hoped she would be part of pumpkin season every year.

However, he also agreed that Amy moving on would be best for their family as a whole.

"I’m a little surprised Amy is choosing to sell her equity of the farm, but you know, it feels like it might be the right decision," he told the camera.

"I know it’s hard for her; it’s hard for both of us and she’s been raising her kids here for 30 years, but I do think it feels like it’s time to move on."

For his part, Matt referred to farm ownership as a "burden" earlier this season… and he also bought a home in Arizona with girlfriend Caryn Chandler last year.

After all these years on the land, he’s expressed little hesitancy in doing something else with his life.

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"I don’t think any decision was really a good one. I think it’s the best one, not only for right now, but I think in the future for me," Amy said of why she has finally sold, making it clear she isn’t exactly thrilled with the development.

On the finale, she added of her decision:

"This farm worked for me because we had two people making it happen. I can’t do it on my own. Everything for me has changed on the farm."

How did Zach Roloff feel about this conclusion?

It didn’t come as much of a shock to him, not after the many weeks his mother spent contemplating what to do.

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This is what he said once the decision to sell was finalized:

"I think probably that’s the best choice. It will be harsh and quick, but then the road to recovery, I think will happen faster."

According to Radar Online, however, Oregon property records show both Matt and Amy’s names remain on the deed of the house. So we’re not entirely sure where things stand at the moment, months after the finale was filmed.

As always, however, stay tuned to The Hollywood Gossip for the latest news, views and Roloff hot takes!