Kim Kardashian Shares First Legit Photo of Psalm, Possibly Also His Middle Name

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In a new Instagram post, Kim Kardashian appears to have revealed two new key pieces of information about her latest child:

1. Just how adorable he is when he sleeps.

2. His middle name.

Kimye Cuddles

Kim and her Donald Trump-adoring husband, Kanye West, welcomed their fourth child into the world about a month ago.

At the time, the former sex tape star didn't share a photo of the tiny human; nor did she say much about him at all, aside from "he's here and he's perfect."

Several days later, we learned that Kim and Kanye had named their new son (born, just like Chicago West, via surrogate) Psalm West.

We also learned this was not a joke. His name really is Psalm West.

Kardashian dropped this tidbit on followers along with the following first look at the precious newborn:

Psalm West

Very cute, right?

But that photo isn't exactly a close-up of little Psalm.

Fast forward four weeks, however, and Kardashian has come through with a much clearer image of this infant, proving once again that she and Kanye really know how to procreate well.

Take a look for yourself, why don't you?

Psalm West Picture

Here's the thing, though:

Some folks out there think Kim has done more than just provide followers with a terrific picture of her fourth child.

They think she has also written out his middle name, considering the caption to this photo reads simply "Psalm Ye."

Granted, it would take a certain kind of person to use his nickname as the middle name of his child, but well... isn't Kanye West this exact kind of person?

But here's another thing:

None of Psalm's siblings - daughters Chicago, 16 months; North, almost 6; nor son Saint, 3 - has a middle name.

Moreover, TMZ says it has seen Psalm's birth certificate and it does NOT list a middle name. 

So this may very well just be some wayward speculation by Internet users, marking the first time such as thing has ever happened.

Hello There, Wife

The important thing, of course, is that Psalm is happy and healthy and not in danger.

After seeing that first snapshot of the baby, some fans were concerned for his well-being because he aw swaddled in blankets and resting in a crib that was filled with other soft objects -- including crib bumpers.

This prompted numerous social media users to share their worry over the newborn’s welfare.

“It was a split-second, staged photo,” a source told People Magazine of the incident and resulting criticism.

“As a mother of four, [Kim] very much knows how to keep her newborn safe in the crib. Again, it was staged for a photo.”

We'd have to agree with both of these statements:

1. Kim Kardashian does keep her kids safe.

2. Kim Kardashian does know how to stage a photo.

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