Kim Kardashian: First Pic of Psalm West Has Fans Worried For Baby's Life

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Last week, Kim Kardashian revealed that she'd welcomed her fourth child via surrogate.

While Mrs. Kardashian-West couldn't wait to announce the joyous news on Twitter, additional information was slow to arrive.

Huh? We're Happy!

After several days of waiting we now know that Kim and Kanye have named the boy Psalm West.

From there, it was an even longer wait before we got our first pic of the little tyke.

At this point, Kim and Kanye are beyond the point of needing to score a payday from People magazine or some such outlet by selling the pics.

Instead, Kim merely posted a screenshot of a text conversation with 'Ye that included a pic of little Psalm:

Psalm West

“Beautiful Mother’s Day with the arrival of our fourth child. We are blessed beyond measure. We have everything we need," Kanye texted his wife.

Needless to say, Kim couldn't have picked a much sweeter moment to share with the world.

Unfortunately, the photo was not well-received by everyone who saw it.

And if you're a parent, we probably don't need to tell you what the chief complaint was.

Kim and 2 Kids

Each year, sudden infant death syndrome claims roughly 2,500 lives in the US.

And all too often, the cause is excessive pillows and blankets in a newborn's crib,

“Please please please go pay an overpriced ‘sleep consultant’ to get all that unnecessary padding, bumpers, and blankets out of your child’s crib so they are not at risk for SIDS," one fan commented.

"I’ve tried and failed to resuscitate too many children that have died this way. Signed, an ER doctor.” 

Kimye on Season 16

"1. Congrats! 2. Anyone else freaking out about all the blankets & bumpers?!" another remarked.

"American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping the crib free of blankets & pillows until baby is 12 months old, as these can create a suffocation hazard. @kanyewest Just looking out for a fellow dad.”

“I really hope Kim and Kanye only used the cushion thingie for the pic," a third echoed.

"Wish they had photographed wee Psalm lying flat and swaddled in an empty crib.”

Kim and Her Chicago

Like we said, this is Kim and Kanye's fourth child.

Not only do they have a whole lot of experience with babies, they also have a strong support network and all the help money can buy.

They may feel that because Psalm is so closely monitored it's okay for them to ignore common sense advice.

But 1. Why take that chance? and 2. Even if Kim and Kanye have a foolproof system in place, it's a little irresponsible to send a message to tens of millions of people that this is an acceptable way for an infant to sleep.

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