Kate Gosselin is Just an "Awful Human," Former Publicist Says

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On her new reality show, Kate Plus Date, Kate Gosselin will be looking for a man this fall.

According to a former TLC publicist who knows the star well, however, she really should be on the lookout for something else instead:

Her humanity.

Kate Gosselin Sux

For years and years, of course, Gosselin has been in the lives of television fans and celebrity gossip followers.

And, for years and years, she's been considered one of the more unpopular celebrities on the planet.

Gosselin often comes across as loud and self-centered and narcissistic and dense and, at least in the recent eyes of ex-husband Jon, desperate and broke and lonely

It's sort of astounding that Kate has now anchored three different reality shows because, when you stop to think about it, one must wonder:

Does she have a single actual fan

Like... even just one?

Kate Gosselin: A Photo

While you ponder that question, Joey Skladany is here to emphasize that he certainly is not a supporter of Kate Gosselin.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Speaking to Rob Shuter of the Straight Shuter podcast, Skladany explained this week that he formerly worked for TLC and once took on the responsibility of representing Gosselin.

“Everyone warned me that she was difficult - and I said, ‘No. I’ll compliment her,’” Skladany said of the reputation Gosselin had earned and how thought he could overcome it.

He then shared a brief story that, in his view, summarized why Gosselin really does suck so very much.

Kate Gosselin is Tired

“At the Today show, I said, ‘Your hair looks gorgeous!’ She wouldn’t even look me in the darn eyes!” Skladany said of how Kate treated him back in the day.

The mother of eight evidently left a lasting terrible impression on the TLC publicist.

“At the end of the day, I called my boss and said, ‘She’s an awful human.’ They were like, ‘We know. Thank you for the feedback,'" he said on the podcast very simply -- and hilariously.

Kate and Jon have (unfortunately) both been back in the news of late because they are still fighting over custody of their kids, a decade after getting divorced.

For a change, however, Jon is the one coming across as responsible, considering he has taken Collin into his care and is also spending a lot of time these days with daughter Hannah.

Kate Gosselin Talks to Reporters

Back in early December, Kate didn't even show up at a hearing to determine with whom Collin would live -- and insiders have since said she has had no contact at all with this child.

Pretty effed up if true, right?

Jon and Kate's sextuplets, meanwhile, just turned 15 years old, an occasion Kate celebrated via a photo of Alexis, Aaden, Leah and Joel and a caption that read in part:

I’m so proud of the positive qualities I’ve seen developing as they edge closer to adulthood.

It hasn’t been easy for them, especially over the last year and a half, but they continue to persevere, stay positive and make lemonade out of lemons (to the point where I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to lemons, but what’s a mom to do?) but no matter what, these kids keep on keeping on.

Such good, wholesome, loving, insightful, wise humans and I’m just so proud to call them mine!

I love you guys to the moon and back a hundred billion times x infinity. Happy 15th birthday!

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