Jeff Prescott Slams Kate Gosselin's Claims That They Were Never a Thing

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Kate Gosselin clearly doesn't deserve love or companionship, but she may find both on her new dating show.

But with all of the talk about Kate Plus Date, she has been slamming reports about a previous relationship.

That hasn't stopped her "non" ex from coming forward and confirming that they dated very seriously for two years.

Kate Gosselin Talks to Reporters

It was widely believed that reality TV villain Kate Gosselin had dated Jeff Prescott.

Prescott is a millionaire philanthropist who co-founded Dreamstime. 

Kate Gosselin took to her Instagram Stories to claim that none of that is true.

"I didn’t date him," the walking nightmare insisted on social media.

Kate Gosselin is Tired

She went on to warn her fans and followers to never trust "people who sell stories."

We wonder how she defines her career as anything but that.

Kate claims that "they are looking for publicity to benefit themselves/their business."

Saying that you dated Kate might get your name or even your business' name out there.

But will it help business? Some people might avoid it like the plague.

Kate Gosselin Sux

Speaking to Radar Online, however, Jeff Prescott says that their romance was not fake news.

They didn't just go on a couple of dates.

He says that they were an item for nearly two years.

Prescott adds that he was, at one point, so serious about Kate that he went house-hunting so that he might live closer to her.

Luckily for him, it sounds like their relationship ended before he sank money into Pennsylvania real estate.

Prescott Pic

Now, house-hunting could be the actions of a one-sided man who's read more into a relationship than is really there.

According to Jeff Prescott, he and Kate were both serious about each other.

"We were talking about our future together," he tells RadarOnline.

He even says that he and Kate were just about ready to go public with their romance.

Just a few years later, and she's saying that they were never even an item. Ouch.

Jeff Prescott Photo

If push came to shove, there may even be a way to prove how serious they allegedly were about each other.

Prescott says that he was prepared to do much more than announce that they were dating.

He says that, back in 2015, he actually signed on to Kate Plus 8.

There, he would have played the boyfriend of the notorious mother.

Clearly, those plans fell through along with their alleged relationship.

Kate Plus Date Scene

Some of Kate's suitors on Kate Plus Date have no idea who she is, which we suppose makes sense.

(Who would agree to date her if they knew as much about her as the rest of us?)

They have then been shocked to learn that she is the mother of eight children.

Of course, that number doesn't really reflect reality these days, does it?

These days, she's only regularly terrorizing six of her children.

Two of them, Hannah and of course poor Collin, have escaped to the relative safety of their father's house.

Jon Gosselin's not making anybody's Father of the Year list, but at least he's not an awful human.

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