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Little People, Big World fans know that Amy Roloff is a strong person, whether she’s standing up to trolls or holding her ground against her own family.

But no amount of personal resolve can insulate you from a health crisis — not when it’s one of your closest family members.

Amy took to Instagram to break the news that she cut her vacation short and rushed home — and not a moment too soon.

Poor Amy

The Little People, Big World matriarch shared a throwback photo of her parents on Instagram.

"From Souix Falls SD to Going ‘home’ to see my parents," Amy Roloff began her weekend post.

"My mom isn’t doing so well," she explained. "And I need to see them."

"Every moment is precious," Amy noted. "The older I get and the older they get."

"Like the old days I’m going to make dinner for them," she shared. "This Michigan girl is coming home."

Here is the image of Patricia and Gordon Knight that Amy posted:

"Wish it was for other reasons than my Mom being in the hospital," Amy wrote in another post. "I love coming ‘home’ to Michigan."

"After visiting w/ my Mom in the hospital," she described. "I made dinner for my Dad! He enjoyed it and I loved making it for him."

"My Mom is doing ok," Amy revealed. "The coming home and the care she may need is the tough part."

"Just glad I could be here!" She expressed.

Amy shared a sweet selfie of her beside her father.

Amy Roloff and Her Dad, Gordon Knight

"So glad I got to come home and visit w/ my Mom and Dad," Amy affirmed in another post.

She also provided a helpful update on her mother’s condition.

Amy wrote: "Waiting to hear if she gets to come home today."

"She’s ready and tired of hospital food," she noted. "That’s a good sign."

Or a sign that the hospital needs to step up its food game.

Amy Roloff Visits

"Her heart is weak though," Amy lamented. "And she gets tired easily."

She continued by sharing some good news: "but her mind is sharp."

"The transition of slowing down and not doing all she’d like to do will be hard," Amy predicted.

"Just need to appreciate the moments," she affirmed. "What she can do and the days that are left."

We don’t think that Amy meant to come across as grim as she does there.

Amy Roloff Interview Pic

"Thank you to everyone that so thoughtfully thought of me and my parents," Amy gushed to her fans and followers.

"And," she continued, thanking them "for all your prayers."

"So kind," Amy affirmed. "And I so appreciate it."

"I love this place," she reflected. "Their house and the lake and coming back while it’s still here."

Amy is once again sounding a little grim, here. Some might say that she’s just being realistic.

Amy Roloff is Worried

Back in January, Amy participated in a surprise party for her mother’s birthday. Patricia is 86 years old.

Amy’s father crossed a huge milestone — he is 90 years old.

We wish Patricia a speedy recovery from her health crisis.

And we hope that Amy’s parents remain there for Amy for many years to come.