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It’s possible that no reality star in the history of the genre has ever suffered such a swift and profound fall from grace as Jenelle Evans.

And Jenelle was widely disliked even before her downward spiral, so her ability to keep finding new rock bottoms is almost impressive.

Jenelle Takes a Selfie
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Evans’ current woes began when her husband, David Eason, shot and killed the family dog.

That prompted a CPS investigation that resulted in Jenelle and David losing custody of the three children who were in their care.

Needless to say, the situation hasn’t exactly done wonders for Jenelle’s reputation.

Like we said, Jenelle was one of the most-widely despised figures on television before all this happened.

Jenelle With Ensley on Instagram
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Now that investigators are compiling evidence that she’s been abusing her pets and children, it may be time for her to change her name and relocate to a small fishing village on Prince Edward Island.

Case in point — TMZ is reporting this week that Jenelle received quite a scare when she opened an envelope she received in the mail and a suspicious white powder fell out.

The site has obtained Evans’ 911 call, and while she maintains a level tone of voice throughout, it’s clear that she was quite shaken by the incident.

“I was just wanting an officer to come down and talk to me at my house, I just checked my mailbox, and someone sent me a letter that has powder in it, and it said Brunswick County Clerk," Jenelle told the dispatcher.

"And when my husband opened it, powder just came out all over my car, and we don’t know what kind of powder or substance it is."

A scary moment, to be sure, but it wasn’t without its comic relief, as David’s response was apparently to rip all his clothes off in public.

"We would like for them to come and check this out," Jenelle said.

Jenelle Evans Reacts to Custody Ruling: I Will Get Them Back! [EXCLUSIVE]
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"My husband just like stripped completely naked in the middle of the road," she added with a laugh.

It seems the Easons were returning from their second home when they discovered the package.

"We just pulled up home from court and checked the mail," Jenelle revealed.

Police are still awaiting the results of a toxicology report, and while the nature of the substance remains unclear, in most cases, these incidents are eventually revealed to be horrendously unfunny pranks.

Jenelle and a Pig
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If you’re a regular here at THG, you know we’re usually not quick to defend Jenelle freakin’ Evans.

But we’d like to be clear that she absolutely did the right thing by calling 911, and whoever sent her that powder is as a world-class douche bag.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s a lot not to like about Jenelle. ‘

But let’s all agree to stick with roasting her on social media rather than carrying out faux-terrorist attacks, mmm-kay?