Jana Duggar Claps Back HARD at Garden-Shaming Troll

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Even her own personal friends are urging Jana Duggar to find a man already so that she can escape her indentured servitude.

Jana, however, is keeping herself busy -- working hard at gardening.

When a troll tried to shame her for spending her days in the dirt, Jana found a smart way to clap back.

Jana Duggar garden photo

Jana Duggar uploaded a glimpse at her beautiful garden.

With her famous green thumb, it's really no surprise.

One of her so-called "fans" took issues, however, and decided to try to ridicule her.

"Jana do more [than] be 30 years old living at home gardening," demanded the impertinent commenter.

The troll's post continued, mocking her with: "lol what a life."

Jana Duggar claps back at garden-shaming troll

Jana receives unkind questions every day on social media.

This time, she elected to respond.

"Oh, believe me," Jana politely assured the hater. "That’s not all I do."

She followed that sentence with a laughing emoji, as if the suggestion that she spends her days gardening is just that funny.

"Gardening is just my little hobby on the side," she explained.

Jana Duggar in a Field of Green

First of all, she's absolutely right about gardening not being her only activity.

Many of us who were eldest siblings found ourselves roped into the role of a third, involuntary caregiver to our younger siblings at any and all hours.

For Jana, that is taken to further extremes. She didn't escape from that life upon reaching adulthood.

Why? Because in the Duggar family, the only milestone that can earn your independence is marriage.

Since Jana hasn't been sold off to a fundamentalist suitor yet, she remains in the thrall of Jim Bob and Michelle.

In addition to chores, she's tasked with homeschooling her younger siblings.

Jana Duggar Dress

Jana will be 30 in about six months, and she will very likely still obediently following her parents' whims.

But her life as a Duggar drudge and kind but unqualified teacher isn't the whole and sum of what she does with her time.

And though she clearly has a passion for gardening and for plants in general, Jana is turning her green thumb into more than a mere hobby.

Back in April, Jana Duggar filed the paperwork to start her own business.

It's called Arbor Acres Group LLC, and Jana appears to be the only person involved with the startup.

Jana Duggar's Car

Fans were immediately intrigued -- less by what she had planned for her company, and more by what this might mean for her future.

See, part of what allows tyrannical fundamentalist parents to remain in power -- aside from tools like cultural isolation -- is money.

Jim Bob Duggar is a millionaire. He's known for setting up opportunities and buying houses for his children.

But since Jana has not gotten married, she continues to play Cinderella around the house.

Jana Duggar on Instagram

She's old enough to leave without the police bringing her back, but where would she go? What would she do?

Well, whatever Arbor Acres Group is, fans wonder if she might use it to stockpile enough money to one day make her escape.

That said, that could just be wishful thinking -- or pure projection -- on the part of Duggar fans who are rooting for Jana.

Either way, she's doing so much more than gardening these days.

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