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LuAnn De Lesseps may or may not have alcohol in her system as we write this.

But there’s one thing the veteran Bravo star has inside of her for sure:

A great deal of nerve.

Luann De Lesseps on the TV
Photo via BRAVO

The Real Housewives of New York City star fell off the wagon several weeks ago, breaking her probation along with the hearts of her loved ones.

She managed to avoid jail time (because she’s rich), yet sources have said she’s been royally pissing off her bosses at Bravo by not taking her legal and/or health issues seriously.

"She jokes about her arrest and, initially, said that it will make a great storyline," an insider previously told Radar Online, for example, adding that LuAnn is refusing to take court-mandated medication that would curb her alcohol intake.

“When it comes to disobeying the law and making a mockery out of the system, Bravo has zero tolerance," this source added.

Luann de Lesseps Looks Glamorous
Photo via Instagram

In case you forgot, LuAnn was arrested in December of 2017 for getting wasted and kicking a police officer.

She apologized at the time, but hasn’t exactly acted in the time since as if she’s truly sorry — or aware that she’s been causing many problems for both herself and folks around her.

This is all a lengthy preamble to repeat what we wrote above: LuAnn has quite a lot of nerve!

And here is why:

According to Radar Online, she is demanding a $3.5 million salary for the next season of The Real Housewives of New York City… or else she’ll walk away from the franchise.

Luann de Lesseps on the Gram
Photo via Instagram

This is both hilarious and outrageous because, as outlined here, producers aren’t sure if they want to bring LuAnn back at all.

She may think she’s “invincible,” as this new Radar article states, but executives think she’s become a giant liability with the way she acts, talks and behaves.

And now she wants a mammoth raise to boot?!?

Good luck with that, girlfriend.

“She wants more money than Bethenny, which would essentially make her the highest paid Housewife," writes Radar in this report.

Luann de Lesseps Relaxes in the Sun
Photo via Instagram

The highest paid New York Housewife, that is.

Overall, NeNe Leakes is on top with a whopping $2.85 million per season salary.

Those close to LuAnn, meanwhile, believe she has to get away from the small screen in general if she ever wishes to fully recover.

“Luann will never be able to live a sober and peaceful life until she’s off this reality show. Booze is everyone on the show and she knows she needs to not only change her behavior but also everyone around her,” concludes this insider.

“How can she stay sober and be on a show where alcohol is practically a full time member of the cast?”