David Eason Walks Around Armed and Texting at Lowe's Because of Course He Does

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So like, David Eason is a despicable human being.

We know it, you know, Jenelle probably even knows it, deep down past all the delusion and the emotional issues that cause her to keep seeking out abusive men.

David Eason Hunting

He's the worst.

But all of us, we know him from a reality show.

We don't have to see him in real life, thank goodness -- can you imagine how terrifying it would be to see that tall hunk of crazy out and about with your own two eyes?

But last December, one unlucky Teen Mom fan had the misfortune to run into David at a store in North Carolina.

And the details are honestly just insane.

David at Lowes

So that's the photo above: it was taken at a Lowe's, and as you can see, David is looking at doors.

Or you may have been too distracted to notice the door because of that big ol' gun on his hip, but it's OK.

This is all going to come together soon.

As for the gun -- it's awful, right?

Sure, there are people who feel the need to take their guns everywhere with them, just in case there's a shootout or whatever, and that's one thing.

David Eason's New Shirt

It's perfectly legal. In North Carolina, you don't even have to have a permit to do what he's doing here.

But since we're familiar with David and who he is as a person ... it's really scary to see him in public with a gun.

And now that we know the circumstances that brought him to Lowe's, this whole thing is just a nightmare.

The person who took this photo posted it to Reddit on December 23rd, and thanks to a recently leaked 911 call, we know exactly what happened at the Eason residence on that date.

Jenelle with David and Ensley

Hint: it wasn't good.

On December 23rd, Jenelle called 911 to tell them that "My husband is freaking out" because "he thought I took his phone."

She said that he was also upset because of an article that had just been posted about him -- this was the same day the guy pressed charges against him for illegally towing his truck, so it was probably that.

It was also the day we posted that story about him playing with a dead animal on Snapchat, so it's hard to say what set him off.

David Eason Shoots Stuff

Anyway, Jenelle said "He's outside smashing stuff. He has a gun that he carries all the time."

"He broke my front door. I don't know how my front door looks. I'm in the attic."

So Jenelle called 911 to tell them that David was outside, smashing things and breaking her front door, and later that very same day, he was at Lowe's buying a new door.

And the whole story is just coming together now, all these months later.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans: In Love

It's just wild to think about, isn't it?

Jenelle sounded pretty scared when she called 911, and the operator did say she was sending officers out to the house, but still, obviously he didn't face any consequences for his behavior.

Could she have pressed charges against him for destroying the property? Could he have been detained just for being so unstable?

We don't know, but we do know that none of that happened, and that shortly after all of that went down, he was out in public looking to replace the door he'd just smashed.

With a gun.

This whole thing is just so unsettling, and while it's good the kids were removed from this environment, we hope Jenelle can remove herself as well.

Seriously, what a nightmare.

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