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David Eason is not a good guy.

We know that without one single doubt.

Jenelle with David and Ensley

He killed Jenelle’s dog, Nugget, for barely even nipping their daughter, and that alone would be enough for us to write him off forever, but there’s so much more evidence of just how awful he is.

Remember all the offensive, ignorant nonsense he’s posted on social media?

The nasty homophobic rant that got him fired?

How about how he illegally towed a handicapped man’s truck and damaged it because he felt like he had the right?

David Eason Hunting

And of course we could never forget that harrowing 911 call from last fall — the one where Jenelle sounded absolutely terrified as she told the operator how he’d assaulted her.

On top of all of that, or probably in addition to it, a judge just decided that David was unfit to have custody of his children, and Jenelle lost custody of hers because she failed to protect them from him.

Thanks to this new video, it’s becoming even clearer why no kid should be around this douchebag.


David Eason's New Shirt

The video was shared by a mysterious Twitter account, though it’s obviously David and you can see it was filmed in their home, which we’ve seen many times on Teen Mom 2.

You can see him tell the person filming the video, most likely Jenelle, that "You could die right now for all I give a f-ck."

"You’re a f-cking piece of sh-t. You’re the biggest f-cking piece of sh-t I know."

He then flips her off, and, oh, you can also hear a little kid babbling in the background — probably Ensley.

Watch the whole sad thing below: