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Becca Kufrin took a break from bragging about first-rate boning from Garrett Yrigoyen to shade Arie Luyendyk Jr and Lauren Burnham.

Arie and Lauren received some very good news last week, and Becca openly parodied them the very next day.

Did she go too far?

Becca Kufrin is Ready

On Friday evening, Becca Kufrin took to her Instagram Stories to share her latest baking triumph — and her sense of humor.

"On May 31st at 6:08pm," Becca began. "9 beautiful, dark chocolate chip cookies were born into this world."

If you’re a fan of the taste or smell of chocolate, we’re sure that you’re already craving some yourself.

"After 12 minutes of intense waiting," Becca continued. "Mom and cookies are doing all right."

See the post for yourself:

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This was an extremely transparent reference to another big story.

See, last week, Arie and Lauren welcomed their baby girl into the world.

Arie, of course, is very famously Becca’s ex. They became engaged before an audience of millions.

Then, Arie dumped in in one of the most painful, brutal, awkward videos that the world has ever seen.

He proposed to Lauren Burnham, she said yes, and now they’re parents to their first child.

Becca also got her happy ending after her stint on The Bachelorette, but it’s understandable that she’d throw some fun shade on the new parents.

Rebecca Kufrin

Understandable though her post may be, some members of the Bachelor Nation did not respond well and viewed it as a vicious attack.

The backlash was enough that Becca had to take to Instagram with a video post.

"People need to stop freaking out about my damn cookie post," Becca lamented.

“Because Trader Joe’s did the exact same thing back in December," she recalled. "And everyone thought it was cute and clever."

"You’re making me stress eat," Becca joked. "And I only have four left."

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We’re not sure why someone would bake only 8 cookies if they don’t intend to immediately eat them.

But then, a lot of Becca’s fans were bewildered when she remained engaged to Garrett Yrigoyen.

It wasn’t a surprise that she ended up choosing him — because she was clearly eyebanging him from day one.

But the Bachelor Nation was shocked and appalled by Garrett’s Instagram scandal, which Becca didn’t learn about until after the engagement.

Garrett had "liked" dozens of the most heinous posts imaginable. These went beyond political posts and ventured into nazi memes territory.

Holding Her Rose

But Garrett apologized profusely, and Becca has been going to great lengths to assure fans that she’s still who she’s always been.

For example, over the weekend, Becca — who remains very much a public figure — attended some Pride events.

(June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month!)

Becca used her Instagram Stories to promote events and products that benefit the Trevor Project.

Becca Kufrin in a Hat

So, yes, she’s still the same good person with whom the Bachelor Nation fell in love in the first place.

Her cute parody doesn’t change that.

That said, however, Trader Joe’s isn’t anybody’s ex. 

That’s why they got a different reception for their joke.