Becca Kufrin: Garrett Yrigoyen and I Broke the Fantasy Suite Bed!

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Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin can't wait to make babies with her controversial fiance, Garrett Yrigoyen.

But while that can wait, she and Garrett did not mess around when it came to messing around.

She's revealed details of what went down in the Fantasy Suite, and folks, she's not holding back when it comes to TMI.

Garrett, Becca Photo

Becca Kufrin attended the The Bachelorette Reunion Special, an event that made Chris Harrison tear up with emotion.

But not everything was somber and sentimental.

Becca shared the uncensored details of her night with polarizing fiance Garrett Yrigoyen.

"The night that Garrett and I were together," Becca reveals. "We may have broken the bed."

Upon realizing that her NSFW antics would be heard by those who know her personally, Becca added something else.

"Sorry mom," she apologized.

Garrett Yrigoyen Proposes!

Obviously, Becca is a grown woman (not that her age matters) and has no need to apologize for boning.

A lot of stars play coy about what goes on in the Fantasy Suites.

Some use the private time to actually speak with the person whom they're dating with total honesty -- no cameras or producers listening in.

Others, with the looming possibility of an engagement, want to make sure that they are sexually compatible with the contestant.

As a very wise woman told me when I was younger, "I wouldn't buy a pair of shoes without trying them on, first."

But this revelation may be a clue behind a mystery of their relationship.

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen Engagement Pic

Garrett and Becca seem to be opposites.

Famously, Garrett was embroiled in a scandal after he was found to have "liked" a large number of vicious, hateful memes.

This goes above and beyond political differences -- Garrett seemed to enjoy "humor" about dehumanizing and abusing various minorities.

Becca has participated in the Women's March and is an all-around good person.

So why oh why didn't she break off her engagement to Garrett when his shady social media history came to light?

Did she believe that he had changed ... or was he just too good at laying pipe for her to turn away?

Garrett, Becca

These days, Becca and Garrett are doing most of their boinking in San Diego.

Becca spoke to People on Monday to explain how their engaged life is going.

"It’s been a change!" Becca admits. "Because I’ve never lived anywhere other than Minnesota and I’ve never lived with a partner before"

"I was very independent and used to living on my own," Becca notes.

"So," she explains. "It’s been different to adapt to someone else’s lifestyle."

Garrett Yrigoyen with Becca K.

"Garrett and I are just completely different in everything," Becca admits.

"I’m very organized," she says. "And so when I come home, I like to put everything in a proper place and put it away, so you don’t see it."

"He’s more of a type of person to come home and throw his keys, his wallet, and his receipts everywhere," she observes.

Becca expresses: "and I feel like I’m always picking up after him!"

That sounds frustrating.

But their bed-breaking sex is the glue that keeps their romance alive, maybe it's the panacea (penisea?) to cure any frustrations.

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