The Bachelorette: 15 Shockers from The Men Tell All Special

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Becca Kufrin is mere days away from engagement bliss.

As foretold by these The Bachelorette spoilers, the very pleasant and kinda boring star will select a winning suitor on next week's finale and he will propose.

However, before Kufrin stands before the man of her dreams on one knee...

... she was forced to sit and listen to the comments made by all the men she did NOT choose on Season 14.

That's right, it's time for the Men Tell All special!

Scroll down for the main takeaways from this year's awkward gathering:

1. Standing Up for Tia

Standing Up for Tia
Becca denounced the backlash against Tia after she confessed to having feelings for Colton, saying: "I'm still friends with Tia, and we still talk all the time. I want Tia to find love and be happy. I want [Colton] to find love and be happy."

2. So... Why Did She Sent Colton Home?

So... Why Did She Sent Colton Home?
Not because of Tia and not because he's a virgin. She just said the connection was not there with Underwood.

3. Colton Feels the Heat

Colton Feels the Heat
Underwood was actually mocked on the special for his decision to remain a virgin. At one point, Jean Blanc took a jab at Underwood, saying he was "acting like a pussy, even though you’ve never been inside of one." But Colton stayed strong in the face of this criticism.

4. A Virgin as The Bachelor?

A Virgin as The Bachelor?
He told Chris Harrison that coming out as a virgin was the "hardest thing" he has ever done, and then broke down and added: "It's sad that it’s viewed as baggage or red flags or skeletons in the closet, hopefully it's something that's respected so I can continue to live my truth." (And be the next Bachelor, perhaps?)

5. Spotlight on Chris

Spotlight on Chris
Remember when contestant Chris "lost control," as he deemed it during this special? "I couldn't let go of that weakness," he added on air. "A lot of insecurities came out." But he later offered up an apology... in the form of the choir he brought with him on night one to Becca and his castmates.

6. Poor Jean Blanc

Poor Jean Blanc
Jean Blanc said he was in love with Becca... and then took it back. Huh?!? "I felt like I was going a hundred miles an hour," he said of the incident. "It was heat of the moment. I truly was falling for Becca." Jean Blanc then apologized and gave Kufrin a bottle of perfume.

7. Wills for All the Wins

Wills for All the Wins
This former suitor donned a plaid suit with red suede boots and treated us to numerous of his (should be) patented reaction shots. Consider the one above, for example. (Maybe HE should be the next Bachelor!)

8. Jordan for All the Losses

Jordan for All the Losses
Jordan stunned the crowd when he revealed he still had his gold underwear. And he was wearing them! "They're on me,' he said, prior to unbuckling his belt and pulling a hint of the shiny fabric up for the audience to see.

9. Jordan Also Said This

Jordan Also Said This
"If I want to eat Cap'n Crunch and mix it with orange juice, I'll do whatever I want." Sure, dude. You go ahead and do you.

10. Jason Supports the LGBTQ Community

Jason Supports the LGBTQ Community
Jason looked back fondly on his hometown date, where fans fell in love with his brother and brother-in-law's romance. Yes, a romance between two guys. "Love is love is love," he said. "And it doesn’t matter to me if you are gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender."

11. What About That Dismissal, Though?

What About That Dismissal, Though?
Jason is also a favorite to be the next Bachelor, and he proved one, tearing up while watching footage of Becca send him home, but once again taking the high road in response: "I don’t know that I got the closure I was asking for, but she got the closure she needed to go on and find her happiness. And that gives me what I need."

12. Remember These Guys?

Remember These Guys?
Few of us do.

13. Scandals? What Scandals?!?

Scandals? What Scandals?!?
Chris Harrison did not discuss the controversy surrounding Lincoln Adim and Garrett Yrigoyen, two of this season's suitors who faced major backlash online for their off-camera behavior.

14. Adim? Who's Adim?!?

Adim? Who's Adim?!?
Adim, who was given the boot from the series mid-season, was not present at the special, not after he was recently convicted of indecent assault and battery stemming from a 2016 incident.

15. Garrett? Who's Garrett?

Garrett? Who's Garrett?
Oh, he's the guy who reportedly wins it all? Despite the outrage he recieved over many inappropriate and intolerant social media messages? Got it.

16. Can I Watch This Special Again

Can I Watch This Special Again
Sure! Go ahead and do so HERE!

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