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Wendy Williams is finally, finally divorcing her cheating husband, Kevin Hunter, who wants alimony for life.

The same guy who’s been riding her coattails for years wants to continue living a life of leisure at Wendy’s expense.

Just how much is Wendy’s net worth, anyway?

THE Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams put a lot of work into her career.

She studied journalism and communications at Boston’s Northeastern University, graduating with a degree in 1986.

Wendy then got her start in professional radio broadcasting on a Virgin Islands radio station called St. Coix’s WVIS.

Six months later, the New Jersey native relocated to New York, where she landed a job at WBLC.

There, Wendy created her own segment, The Wendy Williams Experience.

Wendy Williams is Back!

Her autobiographical radio segment was outrageously popular, at times bringing in as many as 12 million listeners.

At the time, she was mostly just discussing her personal life.

She was about 20 years into her broadcasting career when she branched out into print media with her book, Wendy’s Got Heat.

Since the success of that book, she has penned a number of others.

It was not until 2008 that Wendy made the leap from radio to television.

Wendy Williams Breaks Down

So what has all of that success brought her?

Multiple outlets, including Good Housekeeping, estimate Wendy’s net worth as totally about $40 million.

Wendy’s current salary is reported at about $10 million per year.

That is a sizable, eight-figure fortune.

And while her job at the moment seems to be mostly just sitting in a chair and gloating about the misfortunes of other famous people, she did a lot of work to get where she is.

Hot Topic Time!

As we reported, Kevin Hunter is asking for alimony from Wendy.

Notably, he worked as a producer on her show until just a few weeks ago, and is expected to receive a settlement from the show now that he’s been canned.

But let’s be real — Wendy was the real breadwinner.

A court may very well decide that Kevin, despite his outrageous cheating, deserves some degree of alimony from the woman he betrayed.

That didn’t sit right with their young adult son — which led to a physical fight between father and son.

Wendy Williams is Proud

Just over a week ago, Kevin Hunter allegedly attacked his son in a parking lot while they were out shopping together.

According to reports, he is said to have put 19-year-old Kevin Hunter Jr into a headlock.

In order to free himself, Wendy’s son punched his father in the face — and was then arrested by police.

(In domestic violence situations when family have been fighting, it is often the policy to arrest whichever party appears to have done the most damage)

The reason for their fight that led to Kevin Hunter Jr’s heroic action was that he had confronted his dad about demanding alimony payments.

Wendy Williams Poses

Kevin then accused his son of having been brainwashed by his mother.

For the record, a teenager doesn’t need to be under hypnosis in order to see the dynamic between his parents for what it is.

One party ruined his marriage by cheating but still wants to keep all of the benefits of being married to a successful entertainer.

Unless … has Wendy brainwashed us, too?

That would certainly explaining why we can’t help but side with her in this divorce.

Even before the dude allegedly assaulted his son in a parking lot, Kevin Hunter didn’t seem like he deserved Wendy’s fortune.