The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Did Lisa Vanderpump Forgive Dorit Kemsley?!

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While it seemed like Lisa Vanderpump was never going to share the screen with any cast members who were not Denise Richards again, Tuesday's episode found the LVP in the presence of the Kemsleys. 

Yes, PK and Dorit Kemsley extended the olive branch to Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd.

An Icy Look

The meeting was icy, to say the least. LVP did not want to look in Dorit's direction, but she acted as if nothing had changed between her and PK. 

Dorit wasted no time in opening up about her feelings on the matter. She felt like Lisa should have chatted to her before going to TMZ. 

Ken chimed in, saying that Lisa defended her during that entire thing and that she found herself losing a lot of friends. 

Lisa Vanderpump Feels Mistreated

"You have to understand it's very difficult for me to believe you had nothing to so with that," Dorit said, but Lisa had had enough of the drama. 

"If you believe I gave the story to Radar Online, we don't have a friendship," she replied.

PK stepped in because he wanted to put PuppyGate behind them, but neither Lisa or Ken was ready to do that. 

Ken told Dorit that Lisa was "the most honest person you will ever meet in your life" and "the best friend you will ever have."

Lisa Vanderpump Ready for War

"If she doesn't believe her, no friendship!" Ken added.

"I can still say that this happened, but I still love you enough and care for you enough that I can put this behind us. I want to more than anything," Dorit said, prompting Ken to reply, "You're still saying you don't believe her!"

That's when PK changed his tone. He thought someone from Lisa's team leaked the story, but Lisa felt like that was garbage. She said she had no idea of that happening, but she couldn't confirm it. 

PK and Lisa agreed to disagree, but Dorit maintained that she could not put it behind them unless Lisa admitted her part. 

Dorit Kemsley for Season 9

"No, I care enough about our friendship that I know it has to be based on honesty," Dorit said. "Much like I believe you had something to do with the initial story and the Johns, period."

At that moment, Lisa and PK got up to leave. They were done. 

Ken shouted back, "You're no friend of mine. I'm going. PK, I'd like to stay friends with you," while Lisa said "I love you, PK."

Dorit chased after them, and tried to get Lisa to agree to disagree, but she wasn't ready to let it go. 

"Bye. Love you," she said while walking out the door.

Dorit Kemsley Glams Up

"How can you say you love me?" Dorit wondered.

Lisa stopped in her tracks and said, "I actually don't."

Shot. Fired. 

Dorit met up with the women later on and told them all about the awkward meeting with LVP. 

But Kyle Richards was still mad about her argument with PK from a week earlier. 

The ladies wondered why PK did not take Dorit's side, and she said it was all down to their "eep friendship."

Kyle admitted that she had a "deep friendship" with Lisa as aswell, prompting Dorit to say that Lisa's friendship with PK was stronger. 

Kyle Richards for Season 9

"I never even heard of you or PK until 2 years ago!" Camille Grammer said, clearly happy about finding a moment to get a word in.

"Dorit, if you and I are very good friends, you know all my friends," Kyle said in bewilderment. 

"I don't know all your friends!" Dorit hurled at her frenemy. 

"Well, maybe we're not that good of friends!" Kyle countered. 

Okay then.

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